So you finished The Dark Below and maxed out your character on Destiny? That’s cute, because a new expansion has hit Bungies console MMO that not only increases the level cap 34 but also adds a new social area and missions for you and your friends to go through!


High Points

  •  Content – This expansion contains a lot of added content. From the new missions which were a bit more difficult than the first expansion to the weapons and gear you can earn in the crucible. I feel like they wanted to keep you playing far after this expansion is done.
  • Story – The story is pretty cool and you will find yourself going back to some familiar places with new twists. I won’t spoil much but there is a certain someone you will face that is an absolute four letter c word. Like I’ve mentioned, some of these quest are a little difficult on your own and if you aren’t at a good level so I suggest being somewhere in the range of 28-31 so you won’t have too many difficult moments by yourself.
  • Multiplayer – Multiplayer has been upgraded with the addition of a couple of things. The first thing that you will encounter upon completion of the main story is the Prison Of Elders Co-Op Arena. This is Destiny’s own little horde mode added to test your teammate skills and gives pretty good reward at the end of you make it. The new maps are pretty cool and some of the other things added will keep you playing for a while.

Average Points

  •  Difficulty – I know I have mentioned this in passing, but I feel like it needs its own point! This expansion can be waiver between being a good type of challenging and “HOLY COW WHYYYY?!”. It may start you off easy but there are elements in later missions that make you want to quit and reassess yourself.


Low Points

  •  None


This new expansion is a good addition to the core game that brings a more difficult challenge to the player. I would suggest getting a few friends to help you out at points (you will need it) and get ready to face some stronger and sometimes more aggressive enemies. If you are looking for a reason to jump back in to the world of Destiny, your reason comes here as I say BUY this at full price!


*This review is based off of a copy of the game sent to us by the publisher*