Author Kevin Jones

Editor-In-Chief of the website Geek Citadel, and the host of Half-Ass Gaming Reviews. He has 28 years of experience as a video game enthusiast.

Geek Citadel Reviews – Moebius: Empire Rising

With a series like Gabriel Knight, it’s clear that Jane Jensen is no stranger to Adventure games. Her latest title, Moebius: Empire Rising, follows the exploits of eccentric antiques specialist, Malachi Rector. Rector becomes involved in a case that revolves around history, a mysterious government agency hires him to discover facts about the lives of murdered women. Not to find out who killed them, but instead to figure out how their lives meld with famous people in history. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Reviews – Dark Souls 2

Difficult games are coveted by the most hardcore gamer’s, and this may be due to many games grabbing your hand like a loving child and never letting go. The Dark Souls series is not one of those games. Dark Souls takes pride in letting you know little to nothing, and punishing you for your ignorance at every step. It is all about challenge in this world where two swings from a sword can send you to your doom. The wrong misstep can send you spiraling off a cliff, or into the hands of a hungry beast who will take you out in seconds.

Continue Reading

One Hour Gamer – inFAMOUS Second Son

One man, one mic, one hour. We’ve got episode 4 of the One Hour Gamer show, and this time we’re running around the town with our boy Delsin Rowe. He’s a one man power machine in inFamous Second Son, come on by and join Kevin Jones in the journey. We do have one downside to this recent video, we couldn’t skip cut-scenes so if you don’t want many spoilers… you probably shouldn’t watch this!

One Hour Gamer – Dark Souls II

Hi guys! Welcome our brand new Play-through series. Of course, we put a little spin on the typical “Let’s Play” mechanic. Instead, we use an hour to try to skip past cut-scenes and side-quests to play through the game as quickly as possible. Our first episode is an attempt to do this with Dark Souls II, and you can see how it worked out above! Enjoy!