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WWE 13: Attitude Era Review

The Attitude era was the time I paid the most attention to Wrestling. Back when it was labelled the World Wrestling Federation, the stories in the ring were at its best. So it’s a wise goal for them to go backwards in time and dig up what is arguably the best time for wrestling fans. […]

Dead Island Launch Trailer looks damn nice

I’ve been cutting down on linking trailers, mostly due to other business at hand. This one looks really good though, so I thought I would throw it up in the midst of a new review. Since this game drops pretty soon, I’m hoping the Borderlands/Left 4 Dead vibe stands tall. There are quite a few […]

Diablo III beta video shows off nothing but gameplay

So the long awaited sequel to one of the best hack and slash games is on the showroom floor. It’s a ton of different skills shown from the various classes in the game, powers and explosions, blood raining everywhere… you get the deal. It actually looks pretty impressive for a game in beta, and could […]

Take a ride on the Esseles in Star Wars: The Old Replublic

If you’ve been paying attention to any of the gameplay trailers shown of, SWTOR. You’ll instantly recognize the second part of this beautiful, Flashpoint (Dungeons). This is the full-length version, and it even comes with some hefty narration of the special moves. The key draw to showing this Flashpoint, is that we get a visual […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic goes to war

So we’re pretty sure that this game will be coming out at the end of this year, or the beginning of next year. Maybe because it sold out of pre-orders the very day they released. Bioware also seems to want to do limited releases, so that the game will launch smoothly with a few players […]