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Uncharted 3 Comic-Con Panel is pretty interesting

Not much actual game play is shown during this panel, but more the process of creating the motion capture that goes into the game. The panel stars three key members of the development team, but mostly the credit goes to Nolan North, Emily Rose, and Richard Mcgonagle. We get to see the three actors complete […]

91 minutes of pure Star Wars the Old Republic action!

Want to see someone level through as a Jedi for the upcoming SWTOR game? Here is an hour and a half of pure footage just waiting for you. The folks over at GameBanshee did a little digging, and found some interesting footage on Justin.TV. Of course, this was recorded during beta testing… so don’t expect […]

Tekken: Blood Vengeance trailer

So the writer from Cowboy Bebop and Ghost of the Shell is doing a movie for Tekken? I’m highly interested in this movie, and that’s before I saw the CGI focus of things. No more of that terrible live action stuff, we want this movie based off the Tekken series and what makes it appealing. […]

Leaked footage of L.A. Noire gameplay is here!

If you’re not keen to spoilers like myself, you may want to avoid looking at this video altogether. Let me be frank for a moment, this is one of those shaky cam videos that’s hidden in a dark room. So if you’re expecting crystal clear quality, you might as well wait until the game comes […]