Flash Freebies! Marvel Avengers Alliance Update!

It’s time to give the 411 on some new Avengers in MAA, so lets jump run to it!

Quicksilver – 48 cp

Quicksilver is a scrapper with a relatively weak moveset (which is why he’s 48 cp in comparison to all the 90 cp releases); however, he makes up for this with a few impressive passive abilities. Quicksilver has a high chance of attacking first in battle and will attack for two straight turns.  In addition, when Quicksilver is paired up with the extremely powerful and useful Scarlett Witch, players will enjoy the highest team-up point bonus available at 250 points! Not too shabby! Quicksilver’s moveset is as follows: Continue Reading

Flash Freebies! Marvel Avengers Alliance Massive Update!

We’re covering numerous updates to the Marvel Avengers Alliance game, so lets just jump right in!


Spec Ops 3 has started, and this follows the Avengers Vs X-men storyline and features the Phoenix 5 Costume Magik as the reward. There’s a lot of pros to this spec ops, such as the ability to fight for both the Avengers and X-men factions. There’s also a LOT more weapons to collect. Depending on which side you fight on in each mission, there’s different boss weapon drops. While these weapons don’t feel as strong as Spec Ops 2′s assortment, they’re still worth picking up if you can grab them. There’s also a brand new AVX weapon set to collect (which we’ll cover more of in another post), much like Spec Ops 2′s Chess set. The good news this time around is that 3 of the 4 weapons can be won directly from Spec Ops 3 (the first weapon is a task reward, the other two are epic boss drops)

There are some cons as well though, such as it’s going to take a lot longer to beat this Spec Ops. Because of how taking sides design, you’re going to need to replay missions more than Spec Ops 2 required to win Magik. Due to this, UISO is more precious than ever and unless you pay some gold, you’re going to take a long time to finish (i.e. start playing NOW if you haven’t already!

The Future is now!

Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, The Human Torch and Spider-Man now have their Future Foundation alternate costumes. With this, the Fantastic family has gotten some much needed buffs. Mr. Fantastic now gives your the Flexible thinking buff which makes every single target attack your party makes inflict the distraction debuff on your enemies. Invisible Woman creates Reactive Shields on the party when attacked, but won’t overwrite any shields your party members may already have giving double the defense power. Thing will now give the Tough Guy buff which will increase your party members defense every time they’re attacked, also stacking with other defense benefits like Defensive Experiment (making anyone with the chess set nearly impervious in longer fights). Spider-Man will now give the Tingling Sensation buff to your party which will permanently increase your party members evasion when attacked as well. The Human Torch’s Annihulus costume has the cosmic control rod passive that can call a wave of annihilation warriors randomly to attack the enemy. Unfortunately, the random attack is extremely weak and happens way too sporadically to make any real difference with battle.

Finally, when you have 2 Future Foundation members in your party during battle, you’ll also get the Future Countdown buff after 4 turns. This permanently increases every party members attack and accuracy by 35% for the rest of the battle.

In all honesty, Invisible Woman and Thing seem to be the most beneficial alt costumes this time around, with Spider-Man third Mr. Fantastic fourth and Human Torch last. Regardless, these were much needed buff’s for the Fantastic family and you should grab most of them when possible.

Southern Hospitality!

There’s two new mutants in the alliance, and they’re both raring to go!

First up is Rogue, the games second generalist. Rogue’s attacks are
Brawl, Absorb Power, Drain Essence, and Southern Comfort.

Brawl is nothing new to the game and is the most uninteresting attack, but Rogue’s other 3 abilities make up for this. Absorb power will give Rogue only the benefits of the class of enemy she’s attacking without the weaknesses. For example, if Rogue uses Absorb Power on a blaster enemy, every attack she inflicts will be a critical hit, but if a tactician attacks her they won’t be able to attack twice like on any other blaster! VERY useful and fun to experiment with in battle. Drain Essence is essentially a free heal for Rogue, inflicting damage on an enemy while regaining health and stamina for Rogue (and the stamina is more than the cost of Drain Essence, making it actually useful). Drain Essence will also give the enemy the weakened buff for extra measure. Finally, Southern Comfort is essentially a Ms. Marvel attack as after hitting the enemy, Rogue will get the Kree Speed buff and be able to attack 2 turns in a row on her next turn. On the plus side, Southern Comfort will also give a chance to stun the enemy when you use Absorb Power afterwards, and you’ll gain even more health and stamina back from Drain Essence. Once you have a level 9 Rogue, you’re able to chain some pretty devastating attacks on enemies.

Gambit’s the newest Infiltrator to the game and is also a lot of fun. Gambit’s attack set is
Bo Roulette, Ace of Spades, Ragin’ Cajun and Royal Flush.

Bo Roulette is the corner stone to all of Gambit’s attacks. Every Bo Roulette attack can give Gambit anywhere from 1 to 3 applications of Kinetic Charge (stackable up to 4 charges). Every Kinetic Charge will give Gambit an increased chance to critical hit the enemy with Bo Roulette. Ace of Spades is Gambit’s signature card attack. Throwing a card gives out weak damage, but will also give the enemy the exposed debuff. You’ll get a free turn to attack again for every Kinetic Charge you have. Ragin’ Cajun is Gambit’s strongest attack, using all Kinetic Charges available to boost attack power to deal extra damage. Ragin Cajun also exploits exposed and gives deadly critical hits, so if you use Ragin’ Cajun after Bo Roulette and Ace of Spades, you’ve got a good chance to devastate the enemy. Royal Flush is Gambit’s level 9 attack that hits all enemies. While admittedly weak, it can remove buffs from your enemies as well as leave them exposed. You’ll also be able to perform deadly crits, so when used properly it can actually help you turn the tide of battle.

Gambit and Rogue are 90 cp each and are welcome additions to MAA.

There’s still a lot of stuff coming up for Season 1 of Marvel Avenger Alliance, so stay tuned as we continue to update!

Assassin’s Creed 3 Announced for October 30th!

I’m a pretty big fan of Assassin’s Creed, so when Assassin’s Creed 3 was officially announced during an Ubisoft earnings call today (and for a October 30th release date instead of the traditional November 15(ish) date most of the titles have had), you can imagine I got pretty excited! Assassin’s Creed 3 will be the final chapter in the Desmond storyline. No other details reported at this time.

Get ready to recite the “Nothing is true; everything is permitted” oath again soon!

Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 is Released

Have you even wondered what Super Mario would be like if you played it with Samus instead of Mario? Or Mega Man? Well, look no further, good sir.

If you haven’t already played an iteration of Super Mario Bros. Crossover, you owe it to yourself to try this game out. It is expertly crafted by Exploding Rabbit, and allows you to play as many different characters throughout gaming history. It is basically Mario fan-fic, but, you know, awesome, and involving a lot less Tanuki furry love scenes.

And that isn’t even the best part! What is, you say? It is a free flash game and I can link you to it directly! How great for you! I am always a fan of great flash games, and this one is worth checking out.

Here is a link to the game:

And here is a helpful link to show you how to play Super Mario Bros. Crossover with a gamepad!

GoG adds the 7th Guest!

Does anyone else remember the 7th Guest? Most people I mention this game to look at me with a blank stare. But no longer! Good Old Games has saved all of the uneducated young folk by releasing it. And for a mere $7.99!

The 7th Guest is a point-click adventure title from the wonderful year of 1993. It was one of the first games to be released on CD-Rom and was considered to be one of the best games out for the PC at the time of its release. If you are one of the few who did play this game back in the day, then you know about waking-up scared from memories of it. Great times, but the game is certainly a product of its time.

It is a great grab for nostalgia, or if you’d like to play an old classic. Check it out at Good Old Games. And you won’t have to know how to run games through DOS! Lucky you! No, seriously, that was a pain.

Check it out here:

Adam Adamowicz Passes Away

I, like so many others in the gaming community, was unaware of who Adam Adamowicz was until I saw this heartfelt and expertly crafted eulogy. Looking through just this small amount of his concept art, you can get a small taste of his immense talent and what he did for gaming in general. His art and fully realized concepts raised the bar for all games to come. It is truly a great loss for the gaming community. It is always unfortunate to lose someone in the world, especially someone so talented and taken in the prime of his career. Adam died after a battle with cancer.

February Playstation Plus Haul

I am a Playstation Plus member. I often exclaim how much I love it. I play awesome games I would never think to play otherwise (Costume Quest) and get other games free I was going to purcha anyways (Sonic 2). So, every month, I love seeing what new games I can get. While this month seems a bit light compared to months past, I am still getting another $20 worth of games to throw in my collection of downloaded titles. Now,  these are just the titles I personally picked up, there are others to choose from, as well as free booster packs and such for games I will never play, so who cares about those!

Final Fantasy V

This is a great, free pick-up for me, as I love classic JRPG’s. Any older Final Fantasy is usually something I can agree with, so I know finally playing this will waste some hours for me.

The Simpsons Arcade

The original Simpsons Arcade game has been ported to a system near you just like X-Men before it and, within a week of its release, it is FREE on Playstation Plus! Yes please. I used to go to the movie theater by my house to PLAY THIS AND NOT SEE A MOVIE. Here’s to hoping it is as enjoyable as I remember. I should use a fight-stick to play it…

Mass Effect 3 Special Forces Trailer

[youtube id="FOW5s0hs3XI" width="600" height="350"]

EA has released a very epic looking trailer for the new Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. The trailer gives me hope the multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3 can be awesome, but I still worry they are going to be lacking in the single-player because of it.