Geek Citadel Reviews – Sniper Elite III

Snipers in real life and in video games are seen as truly skilled shooters. In the Sniper Elite series you play as Karl Fairburne, a rather serious officer of the OSS heading behind enemy lines in North Africa. His task is to locate a dangerous weapon, while taking down a number of enemy officers on the way. It’s rather simplistic story and I can’t for the life of me remember any of it, but it’s more of a means to drive Karl into dangerous territory. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Reviews – Quest for Infamy

The Quest for Glory series is one of my favorite adventure game loves. It introduced me to a more open-ended style of adventure game, with a class system, and an entertaining combat system. Infamous Quests clearly loved that series as well, as the Quest for Infamy embraces everything that made that series great. Instead of chasing after glory, the goal is to be as much of a terrible person as you can possibly muster. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Reviews – Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

The Transformers have returned and the War between the Autobots and the Decepticons continues. Each side is in search of the fabled power of the “Dark Spark” – a powerful relic that can stop time. Optimus and Megatron both seek out the Dark Spark, but a third entity is also looking to use its powers for dubious means. Travel back and forth between the past and the future, learning the history of the conflict between the two factions before they traveled to earth. Continue Reading

Gamer Value – EA Sports UFC Review (Bruce Lee Edition)

When I was young, I wanted to be just like Bruce Lee. I’d study his films with the intrigue that only a child could have. I’d kick, punch, and follow his movements during movies and rewind the key moments of all his films. I didn’t grow up to be anything like Bruce Lee, but I still consider him to be the epitome of what a fighter should be. I’m not a huge fan of watching UFC, but I love fighting games and I’m a big fan of the Fight Night series. EA knew how to convince an outside like me to get involved, just provide a skin of a man who practically made the world recognize Martial Arts. Continue Reading

Gamer Value Review – Enemy Front

Enemy Front takes us back to World War II with a serious tone. You play a journalist who is right up on the front lines with various Resistance fighters all over Europe. He joins up with each of these groups and writes down their heroic deeds, so that the world will one day know of the people who fought for freedom. That sounds like it could be the start to a pretty cool game… but that’s not at all what Enemy Front ends up being. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Reviews – Watch Dogs

I make it my business to try to play as many Open-World games as possible. I’m an absolute fanatic for titles like Grand Theft Auto, and I do my best to get my grubby little hands on them all. I was definitely prepared for Watch Dogs on its initial release, but a couple of warning bells began to ring when it was suddenly delayed right after the release of GTA V. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Reviews – Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

I admit it; I love everything about adventure games. I’m especially a sucker for the ones featuring detective elements of any kind. Yet in this odd and twisted world, I have never played a single Tex Murphy title. That’s right, not even Mean Streets or Martian Memorandum. So I figured it was time to break my fast of Tex games by stepping into the world of Tesla Effect. Tex Murphy returns after the events of Overseer, and things have changed in the world of the not-so-famous detective. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Reviews – Daylight

Horror games are a big thing in the video game world. From Silent Hill to Amnesia, they’ve come in and offered us screams in both third and first-person. Daylight comes forth from the darkness and hopes to offer us some scares, but does it succeed in providing a different experience than any other title? Not at all, as a matter of fact… it’s practically a clone of the Slender Man games. You wake up inside of a dark hospital and have to search for letters. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Reviews – Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Before I begin this review, let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, this is a dating-sim aimed at men. That means you will see quite a few scantily clad women characters, and the main goal is to try to coerce them into liking/loving the main character. So if you have any problems with women being objectified, or playing a game designed around chasing young anime girls… you’re going to have a bad time with Conception II. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Reviews – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns after a deep sleep – 500 years to be exact – and she’s quickly given the role of the Savior of Mankind. God has stopped the aging process of humans for centuries, but now in thirteen days he will return and start the world anew. Lightning is tasked with retrieving the souls of as many remaining humans as possible, in exchange she will be able to see her sister Serah again. Oh right, Hope is not only a records manager on the Ark but he’s returned to his child form from FF XIII. Continue Reading