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The Overview – Headlander

Metroid was a game that changed everything for 2D platformers to come. It changed so much that Castlevania copied it and added its own fantastic elements. This created the genre which is now called “Metroidvania” and Headlander is one of the better games from that Genre. We’re talking about an absolutely hilarious game with a […]

The Overview – Death Road to Canada

Welcome to The Overview. Today we’ll be discussing, Death Road to Canada! We’re playing a PC game so let’s talking about the graphic settings. The settings are light aside from a full-screen option. You can add film effects like grain and streaks to the visuals but I personally didn’t care for the look and turned […]

The Overview – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

Welcome to The Overview! This time we played JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven on Playstation 4. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven takes place during multiple storylines of the series. Instead of retelling the story from Point A to the end it starts with Jotaro Kujo during his battle with Dio. A completely new […]

The Overview – The Technomancer

Welcome to The Overview. Where I speak about my impressions of a game and what you can expect from it. Today we’re playing The Technomancer. Before we start talking about all the good stuff like story and all that. Let’s get into the graphic settings since I’m playing this on PC. There many graphical options […]

Basic Game Review – Kathy Rain

Kathy Rain is a typical college student lost in a haze of booze and confusion. Her utterly routine life gets a rude awakening when she learns of her estranged Grandfather’s funeral. Like a good granddaughter, she heads back to her home town to see him laid to rest. She learns that her Grandfather was inexplicably […]

Basic Game Review – Halcyon 6

I just want to say that Halcyon 6 is probably one of the cleanest Early Access games I have ever played. This shiny Strategy RPG takes an X-Com type approach to Space command. This just might be the “Star Trek” game that we’ve all been looking for and it isn’t even finished yet. The title […]

Basic Game Review – Dark Souls 3

Overview To say that I know what the story is in Dark Souls 3 outside of slaughtering the bad guys, would straight up be a lie to my viewers. All I know is that the main character is “The Ashen One.” An undead person that runs around killing other undead things so that he can […]

Basic Game Review – Shardlight

Overview This is Shardlight. Amy comes from a country that has been ravaged by nuclear war. In the typical post-apocalyptic sense… the world is devoid of resources and riddled with disease. The lines between the rich and the poor have been drastically drawn. The Aristocracy controls everything that happens in the country, and that’s a […]