Geek Citadel Reviews – Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Dead or Alive 5 was released back in September 2012. PlayStation Vita got Dead or Alive 5 Plus in March of this year, bringing new training modes and combo challenges. Now, this brings us to the definitive version, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. This includes everything from Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 5 Plus and five new characters including Ninja Gaiden characters. Should you upgrade to Ultimate or keep your original copy of Dead or Alive 5? Continue Reading

Weekly Haul: Week of 08/04

Welcome to the Weekly Haul, the place where we show you the new entertainment releases coming out during the week. Tales of Xillia and Dragon’s Crown hit the PlayStation 3. Elysium and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hit the silver screen. Berserk gets it’s second movie with The Battle for Doldrey and much more. Check out the rest of the haul below! Continue Reading