Geek Citadel Reviews – Madden NFL 25

The Madden NFL video game franchise started 25 years ago. Meaning that possibly two months after I was born, Madden Football came out and started their evil plans to take over the sports video game market! Over that 25 years, I along with other Madden fans have seen this game go through a lot of changes. Some were good, some were bad, but in the end we have all come back to Madden because we like football that much! Anyways, Madden 25 is running on the second iteration of the Infinity Engine which fixes some of the A.I. issues from the last game as well as add some new features to the game.
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Weekly Haul: Week of 08/04

Welcome to the Weekly Haul, the place where we show you the new entertainment releases coming out during the week. Tales of Xillia and Dragon’s Crown hit the PlayStation 3. Elysium and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hit the silver screen. Berserk gets it’s second movie with The Battle for Doldrey and much more. Check out the rest of the haul below! Continue Reading