Geek Citadel Reviews – Deadpool

I’m sure everyone has some knowledge of who Deadpool is. No, not the Baraka rip-off in Wolverine Origins. I’m talking about the 4th wall breaking merc with a mouth. He’s been gaining some popularity for the past couple of years and now, he has his own game. What can we expect from this game? Killing, jokes, and even more killing. Does it stack up to every other action game out there? Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Mini-Reviews: Metro: Last Light, Reus, and Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition can only be labeled as the re-imagining of the TV series “Twin Peaks.” The intro oozes a bizarre atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire game. Two twins discover the corpse of a young woman named Anna hanging decoratively from a tree. The small town of Greenvale is rocked by the discovery, and a wave of despair hits the citizens. Enter FBI Agent Francis York Morgan, an eccentric detective with a penchant for coffee, and tendency to talk to an imaginary friend named Zach. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Mini-Reviews: Nancy the Happy Whore and Anomaly 2

Nancy and her friend Susie are taking a trip to Birmingham. Nancy falls asleep at the wheel and has a weird dream about a Prophet. She is skeptical about his ability to prophesize anything, but he shows off his skill by letting her know that her car will run out of gas. She wakes up to the screams of her best friend and discovers that they have parked at a Petrol Station. This would be a lucky break if any of the gas pumps actually worked. It’s up to Nancy to move through the petrol station and find a way to fill up her tank and get to Birmingham. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Mini-Reviews – Star Trek and Don’t Starve

Star Trek 1

Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise and his Commander Spock find themselves up against the terror of the Gorn! The Vulcans created a technical marvel that could form a rogue planet into a New Vulcan. Much like the Genesis project from Wrath of Khan, this world shaping equipment can also do the opposite and devastate worlds. Kirk and his crew must stop the Gorn and retrieve the Helios machine before it is weaponized and used against an unsuspecting galaxy. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Mini Reviews – Surgeon Simulator, God Mode, Zeno Clash 2

I have dreamed of being a surgeon since I was a little kid. Not the realistic kind, the ones you see in television shows. Like the lovable scamp Hawkeye Pierce from M.A.S.H, the witty and often maudlin meatball surgeon stuck in a harsh war. My dream was realized after the Trauma Center games exploded onto the scene. It had all of the tension of working on a dying patient that I needed, without all of the arterial spray splashing into my eyeballs. Surgeon Simulator 2013 trumps this by adding in your face gore, and placing the operation fully into your control. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Reviews – Monaco: What’s Yours is Mines

A slew of criminals join forces to bust out of jail. There are no innocents among them; they know what they are and what they do. Each of them resides in jail for a different crime. The Lockpick is good at cracking locks; The Cleaner has a knack for sneaking up on people and knocking them out, and The Pickpocket trained his pet monkey to steal treasure. They do not wish to turn over a new leaf, they want to get rich and pull off the ultimate heist. Continue Reading

Geek Citadel Reviews – Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk

In the depths of a forest lies a lone cottage where a girl named Ayesha lives. Ayesha is an herbalist that creates and sells medicine to nearby villages. She is high-spirited despite losing her sister Nio in a tragic accident, or at least that’s what she was lead to believe. The ghostly vision of her sister appears in the ruins where she disappeared, but she vanishes before Ayesha can embrace her. A mysterious man appears in the ruins and offers the simple hope that Nio may still live. Without hesitation, Ayesha decides that she must venture out into the world and find her lost sister. Continue Reading