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Weekly Haul: Week of 08/04

Welcome to the Weekly Haul, the place where we show you the new entertainment releases coming out during the week. Tales of Xillia and Dragon’s Crown hit the PlayStation 3. Elysium and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hit the silver screen. Berserk gets it’s second movie with The Battle for Doldrey and much more. Check […]

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

[rokbox title=”Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Review” thumb=”” size=”854 505″ ]–JnOg&hd=1&autoplay=1[/rokbox] Spider-Man is one of the most iconic and well known superheroes of all time. Sadly, there just aren’t many video games that do the webhead justice. So now Beenox takes the challenge of trying to craft a good game with our friendly neighborhood hero. Yet will […]

Persona 3 Portable Review

I will admit that I had a total nerdgasm as soon as I heard that Persona 3 would be going portable. I’ve beaten the game at least 3 times trying to max out as many social links as I could. I even went ahead and purchased Persona 3: FES even though I already owned the […]