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Half-Ass Gaming Reviews: The Walking Dead: Starved for Help

Lee Everett and the remaining survivors have hunkered down in an abandoned Hotel complex. In just three months, the crew has fortified the Hotel and discovered some new friends in the process. The living has situation has now become dire, as the survivors begin to struggle with a shortage of food. Lee takes a quick hunting trip to find something for the others to feast on. He instead finds three men, and one of them is in need of some serious medical attention. His screams of anguish are beginning to draw unwanted attention to… The Walking Dead.

The newest chapter of the saga digs much deeper into Lee’s connection with the survivors from chapter one. Lily and Kenny are fighting over leadership of the group, and Lee is stuck in the middle of the squabble. Kenny wants to protect his family and is planning to take them closer to the sea. Lily believes it is smarter to stay where they are and keep the group together. The conflict between them deepens as even more people are introduced to the group. Eventually, Lee and Mark head to a dairy farm to trade food for supplies. The group soon finds out that the Walkers aren’t the only thing they have to worry about.

To give credit where credit is due, Starved for Help is exactly what I want out of a Walking Dead game. The story will be figured out by players almost instantly, but it’s the development of the characters and genuine shock value that raises the bar. This title further asks what the player would do to survive, and requires them to make decisions that would question their humanity. Will you adapt to the world around you, or do you still believe that normal civilization can shine through?

Here is hoping that those fingers can get to the brain!

The gameplay remains similar to the first episode. The new chapter instead, gives each of Lee’s decisions a greater impact on the group. The previous game made cut and dry choices, but in the second Chapter anything could happen regardless of your decisions. There are also plenty of surprises that will catch the player off-guard. Starved for Help adds the perfect amount of suspense, tension, and the right amount of choice.

If you’re at all interested in The Walking Dead series, or adventure games in general. This latest chapter is well worthy of a purchase for five dollars. Telltale has taken The Walking Dead into their arms and embraced it with love. It only takes two hours to complete, but gameplay can be extended by making different choices in the first chapter. The Walking Dead: Starved for Help, receives an A from Half-Ass Gaming. Can Lee keep his humanity even when the world is going to hell around him? We’ll have to wait until the 3rd chapter to find out.

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Half-Ass Gaming Reviews: SSX

Snowboard games are few and far between in the gaming world. The last couple of games that had anything to do with white powder were pretty bland. The SSX series… well, Tricky in general, was probably one of the best and most beloved of all types of the genre. Considered to be the Tony Hawk of snowboarding games, the series suspended whatever belief we had in gravity. The newest title aptly named SSX; brings the series to the current generation… but is it improved or just being tricky?

There isn’t much of a story to SSX, but it wasn’t exactly expected either. Instead, players are given a reason to bounce back and forth between multiple characters. The World Tour mode brings back some familiar faces, with Zoe heading up the cast of characters. She branches out and recruits a team that can beat the nefarious snowboarder, Griff. Yes, I am embellishing a bit… but this game doesn’t really have an overarching storyline.

Instead the game sticks to being a good snowboarding game. It pits the player against multiple obstacles as opposed to using a gimmick. Sure the fancy tricks are still entrenched in the repertoire of the characters, but it’s the mountains themselves that steal the show. SSX is unlike any other in the series, it pits the player against the elements of each mountain. Players will have to overcome gravity, avoid obstacles, and fight oxygen deprivation.

New gear can be acquired after completing various matches and Deadly Descents. Much like a role-playing game, gear randomly appears after completing races. Players can receive legendary, epic, and rare items with increased stats. These stats will help the player survive and compete against the CPU in various events. Players will also need to improve their equipment for the various survival challenges on each mountain.

The characters will also level up as they complete matches, this will create access to more gear and increased stats. Players will advance through multiple stages opening up different characters, which have access to a different piece of survival gear. Ice claws, oxygen, and wingsuits will open up a new avenue of game-play. Instead of locking on the focus of simply doing tricks and winning races, players will have to incorporate each of these items to survive the environment.

This keeps the game from becoming stale, even if the player is just pressing one extra button among many. The constant swapping of environmental dangers keeps the game fresh and yes a few of them are more intriguing than others… but when combined it keeps the game entertaining. The A.I. keeps you on your toes, almost to an aggravating degree. This game has no adjustable sliders for difficulty, so be prepared to restart matches frequently. You’ll also do this a lot due to some wonky physics mishaps, and this issue can occur at the worst times.

Now the presentation for SSX is absolutely gorgeous, you’re given a slick menu to navigate the world freely. The game is littered with engaging cinematics and some breathtaking visuals as well. The races move at an extremely fast pace, and each mountain course has multiple branching paths. Even the soundtrack pounds the ear drums, with a heavy case of the “wub wub” from Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, and many more. The only bad side I could see was the flickering loading screens, and the load times when restarting a race.

The verdict is out, and SSX is definitely an impressive snowboarding game. It sticks to what we loved about the previous games in the series, while branching out and giving us new challenges. It’s easy on the eyes, and definitely has a long shelf life. Collectibles come in many forms and there are branching challenges to complete. Players can even snag tags from players who have achieved significant heights on mountains. This game is a must for thrill seekers, and receives a B+ from Half-Ass Gaming. This series is definitely shredding some serious powder.

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