Well, it’s officially official: the Justice League International IS relaunching and it is going to be glorious!  Earlier this week Bleeding Cool hinted that out of the ashes of Justice League: Generation Lost would spawn a new JLI title, but that was only speculation until Wednesday when the official answer was released in the final Generation Lost issue.  Yes, true believers, we are getting the JLI back and it looks like Batman is going to fund it!  Generation Lost #24‘s variant cover makes it look like the team will be as follows: Booster Gold with Skeets, Blue Beetle, Power Girl, Batman (likely Bruce Wayne), Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Rocket Red, Fire, and Ice.

The question remains, though, who will write this new title?  My money is on Judd Winick since he’s written Justice League: Generation Lost and is currently hammering out some awesome stories with Power Girl.  As far as artists go, that’s up in the air (but I’d like to put my vote in for Amanda Conner right now, please).  There is also no official word on when the title will launch, but according to the final page of Generation Lost it will be “coming soon!”  Not soon enough, if you ask me!

If you want to catch up before the new title does launch then you should get your hands on the 24 issues of Justice League: Generation Lost that finally wrapped up this week after 2 long years and is sure to be in trade form soon.