Someone got Catwoman in my Batman: Arkham City


This is probably the first trailer that isn’t CGI to actually show storyline elements. We also get to see the gruesome disposition of the sinister Two-Face. Of course, if we ignore all that and get to the nitty gritty… we get to see a WHOLE lot of Catwoman.

Staying true to form she’s as sensual as a woman can be. She kisses her foes before she throws them to the ground. She walks with a confident stride, and she doesn’t mind showing off her curves. The bad guys probably feel an extreme mixture of pleasure and pain.

Her technique is completely different from Batman. His presence is all about power and intimidation. Catwoman uses her agility, and acrobatic flair to defeat her enemies. She can even use her kitty prowess to scale walls.

It will be interesting to see how her play time is implemented in the storyline. Though I still wish we had some cooperative play in the mix.

Source: Gamespot