Resistance 3 Single-Player Video Review


Resistance 3 is the latest in the series, and the first game in which you don’t play as, Nathan Hale. The former protagonist has been taken out by the new hero of the story, Joe Capelli. The story shifts from playing a super soldier, to a man with a family to protect from harm. It’s a bold shift for a series to completely change the lead character, and often times it can lead to mixed fan reactions ala Metal Gear. Can our new hero lead the charge for the Resistance, or will we be completely let down?


It’s not hard to say that Resistance 3 is absolutely beautiful. It could easily rival Killzone 3 on the level of beauty and depth. The increased amount of textures on characters and enemies takes things to new heights. The sense of scale is also at its peak, with some undeniably out of this world encounters for Capelli to deal with. It would be difficult to not get sucked into the world of Resistance 3, as the entire setting has an epic feeling to it.

The story is much more interesting than any of the games that came before it. Joseph Capelli is a much more interesting character than Nathan Hale. His son is slowly dying of an unknown illness, and he and the other resistance fighters are constantly dogged by the Chimera. His world is flipped upside down when he learns that holding off the chimera isn’t enough. As a larger problem will sweep across the earth and eventually destroy the last 10% of human beings.

It’s also the gameplay that scales beautifully with the storyline. I can say that this is the first “Resistance” that actually feels like one. The player is constantly facing off against ridiculous odds, with man beasts tearing through walls, and chimera leaping around with jetpacks. The dynamic of battles alter so much, that the constant weapon changes will become second nature. Each and every weapon is more useful for a specific type of enemy than another.

Each of the weapons becomes progressively stronger as the player uses them. Each new rank will earn the player a more impressive upgrade. For example, the second level of Marksman will turn the normal bullets into explosive rounds. This gives more incentive to try out the different weapon types, and focusing on making each of them as strong as possible. It’s these factors that make the single-player in Resistance 3 so much fun.

Audio is very impressive in Resistance 3; each character is portrayed by a strong voice actor. You will never get the feeling of someone hamming it up. The rattle of bullets, crash of debris, and screams of each individual Chimera keep your senses heightened. Even the sound of rain crashing, or the low twitter of a cricket in the distance is something you couldn’t miss. The music is a bit inaudible during all of the battling, but the sound remains solid throughout.


The Artificial Intelligence can often flip on and off like a switch. The A.I. is absolutely beautiful in Resistance 3, and they quickly overwhelm the player with pincer tactics. However, there are times where they will suddenly stop and stare into space. That also goes for your companions in arms, who will look to you if they’ve lost an enemy. This little bug can make finding one last enemy a serious pain in the buttox.

Online Pass doesn’t even offer a trial version. This is the main reason why I’m only reviewing the single-player portion of the game. Unlike EA or Ubisoft games, there isn’t even an option to try out the online multiplayer for 48 hours. Which is pretty sad for people who rent the game, the only way to find out if you’ll like the multiplayer is by making a full $60 purchase. It’s an odd stance when people often buy video games for separate reasons. Some people enjoy a single-player experience, and some get games for the multiplayer alone. It’s just a shame that you can’t even get an hour of gameplay to check out the MP.


Regardless of the restrictions in Multiplayer, the single-player experience is worth a purchase. Resistance 3 easily receives an A- from Half-Ass Gaming. If the mult-player is up to snuff, then it could easily earn a slightly higher grade. Resistance 3 is a beautiful addition to any PlayStation owner’s library, and even if it didn’t have multiplayer… it still would be worth a purchase.