Ghost Trick Review


The world is dark for a moment before your eyes open to see the truth. A man stands there threatening a woman with a rather large gun. You wish you could help her out at this very moment, but there is a little bit of a problem… you’re dead. That’s pretty much how Ghost Trick opens up for you; somehow you’ve been killed and given powers to manipulate inanimate objects. It was created by the Shu Takumi, who is famous for the Ace Attorney series. Can this puzzling conspiracy live up to all our hopes and dreams?


The larger than life animation and dialogue makes this game amazing.

Everyone in Ghost Trick has some kind of strange way they move around. From the Detective that spins into the room and pulls off some Michael Jackson dance steps. To the Chef in the “Chicken Kitchen” that is always singing about what he’s going to do next. All of them have interesting ticks, and there is always anticipation on seeing the next one.

The puzzle elements bring something new to the table.

This isn’t Ace Attorney with a new skin, in Ghost Trick you possess inanimate objects to move around. You’ll spend most of your time manipulating other characters on screen so you can get around. If someone is wearing an object that you can link onto, you’ll switch into Ghost mode and jump over to it and let the game continue. If they don’t walk close enough to where you need to go, you can activate the Trick button and probably cause them to do something unexpected. It is an interesting mechanic that is a lot of fun to experiment with.

The story has a lot to do with traveling back in time to save lives.

If someone has died in less than 4 minutes, you can possess them and rewind time back to 4 minutes before they end up like you. In this event you will spend your time saving people who can help you recall who you are. Because in 24 hours you will cease to exist completely from this world, and you don’t want to disappear without a single memory. That’s why this mechanic might be the coolest part of the game, you have the ability to change others fate and they will remember you in the real world.

Your fate is pretty much tied to Lynne, who is the first and only person to have seen you die. The problem with Lynne, is that she’s caught up in a conspiracy herself. So you’ll be spending most of your afterlife trying to save her, and with that you’ll be able to unravel your own mystery. The game unfolds through multiple chapters, so you can solve one, save, and continue on at your own pace. You’ll be hard pressed not to continue onward, as the story progressively divulges more about how you died.


What’s that? You’re looking for the Hated part of this aren’t you? Well, I don’t think I hated anything about his game at all. Ghost Trick is a puzzle game that has all of the quirks of the Ace Attorney series, and adds some awesome elements that will keep your Nintendo DS in your hand. If you’re looking for a new game, Ghost Trick is an easily recommended one. It receives an A+ from Geeks of Gaming, and I’m already dying to see a sequel.