I am a Playstation Plus member. I often exclaim how much I love it. I play awesome games I would never think to play otherwise (Costume Quest) and get other games free I was going to purcha anyways (Sonic 2). So, every month, I love seeing what new games I can get. While this month seems a bit light compared to months past, I am still getting another $20 worth of games to throw in my collection of downloaded titles. Now,  these are just the titles I personally picked up, there are others to choose from, as well as free booster packs and such for games I will never play, so who cares about those!

Final Fantasy V

This is a great, free pick-up for me, as I love classic JRPG’s. Any older Final Fantasy is usually something I can agree with, so I know finally playing this will waste some hours for me.

The Simpsons Arcade

The original Simpsons Arcade game has been ported to a system near you just like X-Men before it and, within a week of its release, it is FREE on Playstation Plus! Yes please. I used to go to the movie theater by my house to PLAY THIS AND NOT SEE A MOVIE. Here’s to hoping it is as enjoyable as I remember. I should use a fight-stick to play it…