Check It Out with Steve Brule is brought to us by Adult Swim, this DVD featuring seasons 1 and 2 features all 12 episodes from the series’ two seasons.  Check It Out is a spin off series of the show “Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show! Great Job!” in which John C. Reilly plays the role of Dr. Steve Brule in segments of the show. Featuring some good guest stars as well as the Duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim Check It Out explores some of Life’s biggest questions and provides little to now answers, as the show is satire on such attempts. Check It Out is actually a parody of a local market’s newsmagazine show wherein the host, Dr. Steve, chats with local celebrities, delves into interesting things around town, and provides 100%-accurate and insightful health and lifestyle tips.

Check It Out contains many different elements of comedy, you can be disgusted one moment and laughing uncontrollably the next. The Grotesque humor of Tim and Eric is a refreshing change from most sitcoms on television today. As a friend of mine pointed out, you will either get the comedy of Tim and Eric, or you will not. I am one that does.

Produced by Reilly and Abso Lutely Productions Check It Out will provide you with hours of laughter even with the show’s “old footage” effect on live action and graphics for the show.

DVD SRP: $19.99

Street Date: Oct. 16, 2012

Languages: English

Subtitles: English

Total Running Time with Bonus Features: 179 minutes


Check It Out is available for purchase on here:

My Rating for Check It Out: 1/5 if not a fan, 4/5 if a fan. If you’re a fan, I’d say spend 15 bucks and enjoy it. If not, you might skip it.