It’s time to give the 411 on some new Avengers in MAA, so lets jump run to it!

Quicksilver – 48 cp

Quicksilver is a scrapper with a relatively weak moveset (which is why he’s 48 cp in comparison to all the 90 cp releases); however, he makes up for this with a few impressive passive abilities. Quicksilver has a high chance of attacking first in battle and will attack for two straight turns.  In addition, when Quicksilver is paired up with the extremely powerful and useful Scarlett Witch, players will enjoy the highest team-up point bonus available at 250 points! Not too shabby! Quicksilver’s moveset is as follows:

Blinding Punches – A weak melee attack that enjoys the stealthy buff, meaning you can attack any enemy and not worry about a counter effect/attack. While not strong, it’ll hit 6 times and helps increase chance of an item drop. This attack also stacks the quickness buff on Quicksilver up to 5 times, providing an extra 10% to accuracy and evasion with each stack. Attacks one enemy.

Tag Team – Attacking all enemies with a flurry of 6 melee hits, this attack also enjoys the stealthy buff and will also put combo setup on all enemies. If you’re fighting an infiltrator, tag team will automatically be used on all enemies, but will NOT trigger a bruiser’s enraged buff.

One Mile Punch – Quicksilver’s strongest attack when used after stacking quickness and using tag team on an enemy, One Mile Punch will exploit combos and use up all quickness stacks to increase it’s attack power. If you’re on an extended fight, this is the move you want to be building Quicksilver up for. Attacks one enemy.

Vortex Lariat – Vortex Lariat has a chance to cause stun on one enemy, and increases its chances with every stack of quickness. For being a level 9 attack, it’s actually not that strong nor useful.

Hercules – 90 cp

Hercules is the newest (and badly needed) bruiser to the game and is a great Captain America alternative.  Hercules carries two abilities that makes him a powerful tank to use. First up is his Likes It Rough ability that will recharge his stamina every time he’s attacked. Next is the Son of Zeus buff, which means that he’ll enjoy a substantial stat bonus once he has Strengthened, Fortified, Agile and Focus buff on to him. Once he does, he’ll gain the Blessing of Olympus buff which will further enhance Hercules’s stats. Best part? Every one of Hercules’s moves will give him one of these buffs! Hercules’s moveset is as follows:

Pankration Pummel  – A medium strength melee attack, this will provide Hercules with the fortified buff.  The PP will also give whatever enemy you attack the Cerberus Bite debuff, which will reduce your enemies melee attack damage by 40%. Attacks one enemy

Gift of Battle – A self buff, Hercules will protect your team from any single or all target attacks. Every attack will activate Hercules’s Likes It Rough buff to recharge his stamina, so if he’s tanking this will help even when taking damage. Hercules will counter any melee attack with Pankration Pummel and any ranged attack with Rock of Ages, exploiting the enemies own attack strengths against them. The GoB will also give Hercules an agile buff.

Rock of Ages – A medium strength ranged attack, Rock of Ages exploits damage against flying targets and will cause the Wound of Cerynitis debuff on the enemy, reducing their ranged attack power by 40%. RoA will also give Hercules the focused buff. Attacks one enemy.

Column Down – A medium strength melee attack hitting all enemies, this attack has the catastrophic buff which means it can’t be protected against and will ignore most avoidance effects. It’s also guaranteed to hit, so enemies won’t be able to evade it. Column Down will also do deadly crits when a critical hit is done, and also has a chance to stun enemies. Column Down will also give Hercules the strengthened buff.

Beast – 90 cp

Beast is MAA’s newest generalist, and he’s likely to be many agent’s new best friend for PVP. Beast also comes with 2 passive abilities, first being Catch-22. Catch 22 will give Beast an attack bonus on any turn that Beast doesn’t actually attack. Bleak House is Beast’s other passive ability, which can be triggered after an enemy attacks. Beast will give all allies a guaranteed critical hit for their next attack, so he’s pretty useful. Beast’s moveset is as follows:

The Jungle – A medium strength stealthy melee attack against a single enemy, The Jungle will cause the generalized debuff on an enemy, meaning that they will no longer enjoy any class bonus’s against your allies. Extremely useful when fighting a stronger class.

War and Peace – A subtle buff, this will give Beast the Point Counter Point debuff on a single enemy. When that enemy attacks any of your party in the next turn, Beast will automatically counter the enemy with The Jungle.

The Grapes of Wrath – A buff that benefits your whole party, this will give your party the combat expertise buff that will let your party counter attack whenever they’re attacked by the enemy. This also has The Sun Also Rises buff, which will give your allies random beneficial effects upon use.

A Farewell to Arms – A medium strength melee attack against a single enemy, this attack will do extra damage against an enemy with a protect type status. This will also removed and prevent any counter attack effects, as well as remove and prevent any further protect effects. This will be very useful in PVP against Captain America’s, Hercules’s, and players with the full Chess set.