Harmonix has proven that they are the masters of music video games.  Dance Central 1 and 2 are embraced as arguably the best games for the Kinect. Dance Central 3 is the latest rendition of the series, but leaves a lot of questions out in the open. The real question is how much this title can change without seeming like a glorified song pack. Can the addition of a story mode component be enough to offset the price of a brand new game, or should you wait until the price drops to DLC prices?

Let’s talk Story Mode, and if you think a story for a dance game is ridiculous… well yeah it is kind of silly. Luckily that’s the point of this wacky time traveling adventure. Prepare to head back into the past to chase after a madman who wishes to ruin dance history. It’s your job to join Dance Central Intelligence and find other agents who are searching for fix dance crazes for each era. So prepare to “Do the Hustle”, “Da Butt”, and “Electric Boogie” towards victory.

If you don’t know by now, the name Dance Central isn’t just for fun. Get ready to stand in front of your console and shake that thang’ like you never have before! Every new series of Dance Central has improved the synergy between the player and the camera. It’s probably the smoothest use of the Kinect system yet. The red lines that indicate that you aren’t doing a dance correctly are less confusing, and it’s much easier to line up your body with rapid movements on screen. So if there are errors on screen, it’s actually likely you really aren’t doing those steps correctly.

I had a big issue with the song list for Dance Central 2, mostly because I like to dance as a man would. Dance Central 3 has fixed a large majority of these problems. The music selection has been hyped up compared to the last game, and the high octane choreography will keep players returning for the long haul. An eclectic track selection ranges from “Everybody” by The Backstreet Boys, to “Turn the Beat Around” by Vicki Sue Robinson. You’re still guaranteed to shake your booty, but not as much as in Dance Central 2.

Story Mode isn’t the only new addition, a brand new Party Mode that allows players to swing it to a random set list.  This mode automatically switches to the skill of the dancers on the floor. So if the song seems too hard, the game will adjust to match the skill level of the player. Crew Throwdown is the second new inclusion to the series. It’s an all-out dance off with two crews of four competing to be the best that ever did it. The remainder of modes from previous titles is still in play, with my favorite still being the fitness mode.

Dance Central 3 added a lot of party modes, and even a wacky and entertaining story mode for the single-player crowd. A better sound track and improved camera capture go a long way. Players can still import music from Dance Central 1 and 2 as well as purchase new tracks like Gungnam Style. Dance Central 3 receives an A from Half-Ass Gaming. If you’re looking for a reason to dust off your Kinect, Dance Central 3 is the perfect reason to do it.