I’m sure everyone has some knowledge of who Deadpool is. No, not the Baraka rip-off in Wolverine Origins. I’m talking about the 4th wall breaking merc with a mouth. He’s been gaining some popularity for the past couple of years and now, he has his own game. What can we expect from this game? Killing, jokes, and even more killing. Does it stack up to every other action game out there?

The story for Deadpool is very simple. Deadpool himself wants to make a video game. He calls up High Moon Studios (the actual developer for the game) and they send him a script for the game. He then ventures off doing what he does best, killing and busting jokes. Cameos from other Marvel characters such as Wolverine, Cable, Rogue and many others add some funny dialogue. The story isn’t a strong point but it’s enough to carry the game along.

Nolan North lends his voice for the game and it works out great. For those who don’t know who Nolan North is, he’s the voice of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. He also was Deadpool in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Steve Blum also makes an appearance as his most well known voice, Wolverine. The voice acting is done pretty well.


Gameplay for Deadpool plays like many of the action games we’ve played before. You have your light and heavy attacks with multiple combos. Collecting DP points allows you to buy and upgrade your weapons and/or skills. Each area mostly consist of having waves of enemies waiting to be killed. It can get quite repetitive, but Deadpool does have some different gameplay styles included. Riding on a boat, shooting carnival cutouts while wearing a pirate hat does give you a break from all the hack and slashing. Overall, the gameplay is solid but does get repetitive.

The length of the story mode is about six to seven hours. Which means that this is a pretty short game. There are challenges as well where you can compare your score on the leaderboards, but that’s about it. The extras are lacking as well. Throughout the game, you’ll meet characters and Deadpool will give you a rundown about who they are. That’s all the extras you’ll be getting. They probably could have added in some motion comics to give some people an idea about where Deadpool got his craziness.


Deadpool is an average action game with some charm. The action will keep you entertained and jokes will give you some chuckles. However, you’ll be the game in one day and there’s not much to do after that. Also, extras are very scarce. If you are a Deadpool fan, you already bought the game. If you don’t know who Deadpool is or just want a game to kill time over the weekend, go ahead and rent it. You’ll enjoy the violence and might get a laugh out of it.

*Deadpool was provided to us for review by the publisher.