Dead or Alive 5 was released back in September 2012. PlayStation Vita got Dead or Alive 5 Plus in March of this year, bringing new training modes and combo challenges. Now, this brings us to the definitive version, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. This includes everything from Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 5 Plus and five new characters including Ninja Gaiden characters. Should you upgrade to Ultimate or keep your original copy of Dead or Alive 5?


Besides the scantily clad women, Dead or Alive is known for its fighting system. With Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, it keeps the fast pace action and crazy active stages the franchise is know for, but adds in some new moves. In the first version of the game, the Power Blow was introduced and added a special cinematic move. In Ultimate, the Power Launcher is added to give another tool in a player’s arsenal. The Power Launcher hits an opponent high into the air and allows players to follow up with a combo. It’s a welcomed addition to the already diverse fighting system.

Online multiplayer was surprisingly great. Matches have little to no lag which is always a blessing. You can compare the netcode of Ultimate to that of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It’s that good. Online modes are the typical ranked and lobby matches. With Ultimate, tag matches can now be achieved due to the demand of the fans. Tag matches are very fun and you can pull off some crazy combos with two characters.


If you don’t want to be an online warrior right away, that’s ok. Ultimate brings over the very in-depth tutorial mode that the PlayStation Vita version of Dead or Alive has to consoles. Also, there are combo challenges to test your combo skills with any character. The two modes help out those that are barely getting into the series.

There are 29 characters to master, including the addition of five new characters. Momiji and Rachel from the Ninja Gaiden series join the fray. Leon and Ein from also make an appearance. Jacky Bryant from the Virtua Fighter series is the last of the VF crew to join in. All the characters have different fighting styles and fit in very nice with the returning cast. With 29 characters, you’ll bet that there will be a bunch of costumes. With 231 costumes to unlock, you’ll be busy playing through arcade mode to unlock them.


With all the additions added to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, is it worth upgrading your old copy? If you are a hardcore fan of Dead or Alive, you’ll want to jump on this right away. For those that have the first version of Dead or Alive 5, ask yourself this: How much time will you spend with the game? If your answer is that you won’t spend much time with it, then don’t upgrade to Ultimate. For those with a PlayStation 3, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters is a free to play version of the game with 4 characters and most of the modes unlocked for you. It’s a perfect way to demo the game and see if you’ll like it.

*Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate was provided to us for review by the publisher.