Weekly Haul: Week of 10/06


Welcome to the Weekly Haul, the place where we show you the new entertainment releases coming out during the week. Get ready to catch them all on the 3DS with Pokemon X & Y. Ellen Page has an invisible friend in the PlayStation 3 exclusive, BEYOND: Two Souls. Machete is back in Machete Kills and much more. Check out the rest of the haul!

Games: (All Games are released on 10/08 unless stated.)
Pokemon X (3DS; 10/12)
Pokemon Y (3DS; 10/12)
BEYOND: Two Souls (PS3)
Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (PS3)
Just Dance 2014 (PS3, 360, Wii U, Wii)
Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition (PS3, 360, PC)
Dishonored Game of the Year Edition (PS3, 360, PC)
Capcom Essentials (PS3, 360)

Movies: (All DVD & Blu-Ray are released on 10/08 unless stated.)
Captain Phillips (Theaters; 10/10)
Machete Kills (Theaters; 10/10)
Romeo & Juliet (Theaters; 10/11)
2000 Yankees World Series Collectors Edition (DVD)
90210: The Final Season (DVD)
After Earth (DVD, Blu-Ray)
The Avengers: The Complete Emma Peel Megaset (DVD)
Bones: The Complete Eighth Season (DVD, Blu-Ray)
The Borrowers (DVD)
Chucky: The Complete Collection (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Curse of Chucky (DVD, Blu-Ray)
DCU: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Edition (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Europa Report (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Frat Brothers (DVD)
Home Run (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Horror Stories (DVD)
I Married a Witch (Criterion Collection) (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Leviathan (DVD, Blu-Ray)
The Lifeguard (DVD)
Marvel’s Avengers Assemble: Assembly Required (DVD)
Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis Pilot Through Series 6 (DVD)
Monster High: 13 Wishes (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Much Ado About Nothing (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Power Rangers Super Samurai: A Christmas Wish (DVD)
Psych: The Complete Seventh Season (DVD)
The Purge (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Resolution (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Robot Chicken: Season Six (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Shiver (DVD)
The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 4 (DVD)
Static (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Stuck in Love (DVD, Blu-Ray)
Super Friends: Legacy of Super Powers – Season 6 (DVD)
Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Predacons Rising (DVD)
White Collar: Season Four (DVD)
Zombie Hunter (DVD, Blu-Ray)

Anime: (All Anime is released on 10/08 unless stated.)
Brave 10 Complete Series Premium Edition (Blu-Ray)
Naruto: Shippuden Set 16 Uncut (DVD)
Phi-Brain ~ The Puzzle of God Season 2: Orpheus Order Collection 2 (DVD, Blu-Ray)
We Without Wings Season 1 (DVD, Blu-Ray)