I admit that I’m not a big fan of Tower Defense games. I don’t see the appeal but somehow Dungeon of the Endless drew me in. Maybe it’s the Rogue-Like tendencies and the dungeon crawling aesthetic, but I was instantly intrigued by what this game had to offer. You play as a slew of heroes who have crash landed inside of a strange dungeon. The goal is to explore and defend your ships’ power generator as you  head to the next floor. Does Dungeon of the Endless accomplish the combination of tower defense and exploration well? Let’s find out in this Bullet Point Review!

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What we liked

Dungeon of the Endless 1

Pixel Perfect – The visuals in Dungeon of the Endless excels at providing a fluorescent sci-fi atmosphere to lose yourself in. The sleek pixel animations of characters and minimalist level design convey a truly splendid artistic wonder.

The Sound of a Journey – Without a doubt the wispy tones of the soundtrack carry the heroes on their way to adventure. It’s a euphoric tickle of the ears that saturates us in unique and calming melodies. It reminds me of a few Chrono Trigger songs, and that my friends is high praise!

Engrossing Exploration – The combination of RPG elements, Rogue-Like mazes, and Tower Defense feels just right in Dungeon of the Endless. Each door leads to a room that is randomly generated on each play session. The use of a power grid structure to illuminate the area and fortify a room is fanciful fun. Hunkering down to begin hoarding resources and plotting your escape is highly addicting. I always wanted to see what the next room had in store, even if it only lead to more monsters.

No don’t open that door – Opening doors count as turns that activate enemy waves, complete research, and restore skill based moves for the heroes. It’s an interesting take on turn-based strategy.

Smart Automation – Combat is an automatic affair but it isn’t the type to frustrate you with dumb A.I. routines. The heroes will not allow enemies to stand on the other side of the room and destroy the precious generator. They make sure to keep all essential hostiles dealt with, so that you don’t have to break out into a rage festival.

Tons of characters – The heroes aren’t necessarily deep characters in terms of backstory, but each of them have specific skill sets, designs, and animations to represent their personalities. It feels good to find a new survivor in the dungeon and bring them into the fold.

Bring some friends – The Multiplayer allows up to four people to go online and survive some dungeons together. It copies the single-player fairly well, and gives each player their own resources for surviving the harsh monster attacks.

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What we didn’t like

Dungeon of the Endless 2

Weapon bug – Players can only pick up 4 heroes in the Dungeon, and. the only way to recruit new heroes is by dismissing the one currently in the group. The problem is that any gear removed from the dismissed cannot be placed on the newly recruited hero. It can’t even be sold to the merchant and basically clutters up the inventory window until the next dungeon is reached.

Selecting Characters – Multi-tasking can be in a pain the butt when you’re playing alone. Not because it’s difficult to move the heroes, but because you can’t always easily select them. The character portrait highlights are not easy to see, so at times a hero will be highlighted that you didn’t wish to move. Maybe a patch can allow us to scroll over the heroes to select them in Real-Time Strategy games.

That looks familiar – Even though there are tons of variations on rooms, the areas begin to look extremely similar really quickly. This tends to be a problem with Rogue-Likes in general with the need to focus on indoor grid design. It can bog down the exploration experience when one place looks a little too similar to the last.

Multiplayer FlawsDungeon of the Endless allows for players to reach 12 floors before completing the game. Players can stop and save anytime with one player, but Multiplayer does not have the option to save. This cuts down on the idea of exploration because games can take hours to complete. Also, items in chests are not distributed to multiple players. This would not be an issue if you could trade or door loot for a dungeon companion. Lastly, players can invite players to join a game but the option to create a private much does not exist.

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The story is a little light but that’s typical of the genre. What you have instead is a fun time waster that quickly becomes addicting. Searching around for various characters, stacking resources, and exploring for loot is a blast! We recommend you go out and buy Dungeon of the Endless. Find four friends and explore the endless mystery that awaits you.

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