The breach appears in the sky of Thedas and spills demons and ghosts into the world to terrorize the citizens. You wake up with the only weapon that could seal the breach attached to your hand. The breach may be the main problem, but there are other troubles to deal with across Ferelden and Orlais. The Templars and Mages are fighting to a standstill, The Wardens are missing, and the world is in general disarray with political indecision. It’s time to form an Inquisition and take the troubles of the world in the palm of your hand… literally.

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What we liked


Dem VisualsDragon Age Inquisition is a fantastic looking game, the hair could use some work but the environments and character models shine. What it does extremely well is pepper massive amounts of detailed foliage around, and provide impressive particle effects in the form of snow and magical flourishes.

Tactical Combat Dragon Age Origins was a bit too old school for some people, and Dragon Age II took the challenge out of the game by being a bit too casual. Dragon Age Inquisition combines the best of both worlds by providing unique A.I. types and the return of tactical combat. Rogues are quick and use stealth to sneak up behind the party and attempt to take out the weaker classes, while mages and rangers will stick to the distance and drop powerful damage.

Warriors on the other hand stand in the thick swinging gigantic weapons or soak up damage with shields. Once you get used to the system, it is an absolute blast to play. Some classes are a bit more fun than others, I found the Rogue to be significantly more active than a Two-Handed Warrior in my opinion.

Customization Bonanza – You can make your character from scratch and spend as much time as you want making a handsome or ferocious Inquisitor. There are tons of settings and sliders to choose from for each of the available races. Now if only they could fix the hair and the beards… peeyew!

Exploration NationDragon Age Inquisition has one of the most open worlds I have ever played. Each hub is gigantic and has tons of mysteries and collectibles to discover. You will find people in need of help everywhere, dead bodies that lead to hidden treasure, or a hidden valley that reveals the home of a very aggressive dragon. There is so much to find in Dragon Age Inquisition that I spent 15 hours running around the very first area… ridiculous.

Hunter Gatherer – To go along with exploring the vastness of the world, players can slay enemies for materials or find metals on a Cliffside to create items. You can make anything from Potions to Armor and even choose a specific material to apply different attributes to gear. You will discover tons of recipes for modifying and creating weapons, and we can even name our creations.

The War Room – The War Room is a game within a game. It’s similar to many of the social titles you would see on Facebook. You send people out on timed missions to earn the inquisition reputation, items, and even new recruits for your army. It also supplies us with a significant amount of missions to discover and solve on our own. So we can bring more people to our throne to pass Judgment over them like an episode of Game of Thrones.

D&D Multiplayer – The Multiplayer is like a video game version of Dungeons & Dragons. You choose a class and proceed to find plunder loot, slay enemies, and earn coin. The mission structure switches between various objectives and features narration from some of the cast. It’s very similar to the main game except that you play with three other people, and the missions are structured around class skills and teamwork. There are some minor latency and disconnection issues as of release, but It’s just another way to add on to an already addicting title.

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Love/Hate Relationship


Jesus Complex – YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE, IT WAS SAID THAT YOU WOULD DESTROY THE TROPES NOT JOIN THEM! Dragon Age Inquisitions’ story uses a double trope for the main character. The hero wakes with amnesia and is the only person that can stop the breach. Our hero becomes a spiritual figure in the world, and later on they become Thedas version of Moses with some Jesus mixed in. It’s bland and makes all the story moments predictable. I mean… there is even a reference to the hero dying and coming back from the dead… come on!

Horse Animation – I’m happy to have horses in the game, but they could use some better animations. I’m not asking for Red Dead Redemption type fidelity or anything, but maybe something that looks a bit more convincing. Simply putting wind trails behind my character as he rides a slow horse is bad form.

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What we didn’t like


Bug issues – There are some bugs that mar the visuals and get in the way of the gameplay here and there. The visual bugs can ruin some of the experience, and there are a few control bugs that can border on frustrating. There were a few times where I couldn’t switch between my party members or disrupt a rift that I was standing right underneath.

One button to rule them all – The select button is used for too many interactions. You use it to mount, jump, loot, open doors, and so much more. However, it is likely that you’ll jump instead of interacting or vice versa. This is a pain in the butt, and I wish they could have figured out how to separate these buttons.

Foraging mess – There is a beacon that you can use to highlight nearby items. That’s all well and fine until you realize you have to search for the glow in the world. The item only remains highlighted for about three seconds, so you’ll spin the camera around and smash on the beacon frequently to find the item. It’s frustrating and dilutes the act of searching for materials.

Crappy Mini-Map – I get that this game is huge and the large quest map works wonders for keeping track of all the quests. What doesn’t work wonders is the mini-map while you’re wandering around. It doesn’t show you were you are on the map, it doesn’t highlight items when using the beacon, it doesn’t even give you some sort of GPS like arrow for highlight waypoints. It’s a minimalist circle with some blips inside of it that barely helps at all.

Loading Times – This game takes forever to load new areas, at least this is how it feels on PC. I can get up and make a sandwich and it would finally load up when I walked back into the room. I think this is a flaw in the Frostbite 3 engine, because Battlefield 4 has similar loading problems.  The frame rate also drops to 30 fps whenever a cutscene is active.

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Dragon Age Inquisition is a game that boasts 200 hours of gameplay, and it is easily one of the most addicting RPG’s I have ever played. I’ve played this game for about 80 hours and I continually find new ways to distract myself. The overarching story isn’t the best thing in I’ve ever seen in an RPG, but side missions and the engaging companions keep me entertained. There is a wealth of history in Dragon Age that can be unearthed from listening to different citizens. We recommend that you buy Dragon Age Inquisition. It brings back that tactical feeling of Origins while adding some Skyrim like adventure to the mix.