Bullet Points – Far Cry 4 Review


Ajay Ghale returns to his Mother’s home to take her ashes to the temple of Lakshmana. He’s intercepted by Pagan Min the insane ruler of Kyrat minutes after he arrives. Pagan intends to keep Ajay locked away with him in his fortress, but the Golden Path frees Ajay before he becomes a victim to Pagan’s madness. Ajay learns that the Golden Path was once lead by his father, and that the Golden Path has had a leadership problem since his death. Ajay must help the Golden Path take over the territory from Pagan Min so that he can reach Lakshmana.

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What we liked

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Take me to Lakshmana – Kyrat is a mountainous region filled with descending slopes and unexpected beauty. This a place of weathered culture and that is both dark, hopeful, and layered with an abundance of nature’s bounty. On the other side of the coin, the Himalayas bleaches out the area with oxygen depriving snowfall. It’s a stark difference from the beach driven wilderness of Far Cry 3. You’ll find yourself halting a killing spree to take a moment to feel the wind in your hair. I mean that figuratively though, because you can’t actually feel wind on your face from a video game. You know that… right?

Take Flight – The Gyrocopter and Wingsuit compounds a new sense of elevation to the Far Cry series. The Gyrocopter allows for an easy way to float above the Island, while the Wingsuit allows us to whistle through the air with reckless abandon. The moment you’re hovering over a body of water fishing with a grenade launcher – you’ll know you’ve experienced true freedom.

Hunter and Prey – Animals are more aggressive than any human in Kyrat. You’ll be walking along minding your own business, and BAM a pack of dogs has descended upon you. You are as much as a hunter as you are prey, so prepare to face the invincible Honey Badger and flee from the powerful Rhino like as if you were wearing a Spider-Man costume.

Cooperative Play – Far Cry 4 allows you to free-roam in the world with your friends blazing away at bad guys and hunting wild animals. Even if it doesn’t allow you to play the story missions with your pal, you can do all the side-quests. It can be a blast to take down a base with a pal, and at times it’s fun to watch them fail horribly as well.

More Missions – After playing Assassin’s Creed Unity, it looks like Ubisoft is dedicated to throwing loads of content at players. Far Cry 4 follows this trend with tons of collectible items, hunting missions, and even fortresses to take down. It doubles the amount of missions from Far Cry 4 and gives you plenty to do.

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Love/Hate Relationship

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Multiplayer – Far Cry 4 also features competitive 5 vs. 5 multiplayer. It’s a series of game modes using the Spies vs. Mercenaries formula. The three types are Outpost, demon Mask, and Propaganda. Which is basically Defend, Capture the Flag, and Search and Destroy. The Golden Path depends on the standard run and gun approach, but the Rakshasa have the power of the spirits on their side. They can vanish into thin air, ride elephants, and summon animals to do battle for them.

Far Cry 3.5 – We love the Wingsuit, Co-op, Gyrocopter, and the healthy amount of new content. Yet… there is a familiarity to the gameplay that remains similar to Far Cry 3. Be it the recycled animations, or the return of the scalable towers, there is a tinge of acquaintance in the gameplay of Far Cry 4.

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What we hatedFar Cry 4 3

Dislikable friends – Ajay Ghale is being hunted by Pagan Min who seems intent on keeping him by his side. He escapes and joins up with the Golden Path who continually use the death of his father to manipulate him. He the meets up with a gun runner who sends him off to find things to help the Golden Path that shady at best. The real kicker is that Ajay doesn’t have the personality to ask questions, or refuse any available request.

His gullible belief that somehow helping the less-than righteous Golden Path will help him spread the ashes of his mother, is well… stupid. Not only that, but Pagan doesn’t seem all that keen on capturing Ajay or even pursuing him. He usually just gives Ajay a friendly call to remind him that he’s still in the game.

Bug Issues – I don’t know if I can play an Ubisoft game without encountering a bug issue anymore. It’s not as bad as Assassin’s Creed Unity’s issues, but there are some wild bugs that will ruin the fun. Luckily, most of them were cosmetic and didn’t seem to impact missions.

Multiplayer Woes – I can’t for the life of me… get into a game using the matchmaking system. Okay, that’s not true, I was able to get into a single game after trying fifteen times. I was met with disconnect after disconnect simply trying to play with random players. Multiplayer suffers from a few lag issues that can impede the gameplay. Let’s just say you’ll get shot around corners during many a game session.

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Far Cry 4 works on an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but add a lot of content and some cooperative play to make up for it” basis. It works for the most part, but let’s hope this doesn’t start a trend for the next game. The story failed to resonate with me on a personal level, but the cooperative play and wealth of content kept me from caring about it. Geek Citadel recommends that you buy Far Cry 4. The story is formulaic and the main character is boring. It’s just lucky that running around being chased by a Honey Badger elevates game way above its faults.