I want to warn anyone that has plans on seeing Game of Thrones to avoid this game at all cost. It spoils a few major scenes that were revealed in the show. The Forrester’s have been loyal banner men to the Starks for years. However, things have changed now that the head of the family has been slain during a betrayal of the Starks. The Forrester family has now been targeted by the Warden of the North, Roose Bolton, who sends his son Ramsey Snow to obtain Fealty from the new Lord. Something simple turns into a big deal when the squire returns to the Forrester’s with a message from the slain Father of the House.

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What we liked


Interweaving story line – For the first time in a Telltale game, we get to play as multiple characters. In typical Game of Thrones fashion the tale weaves between three people in the lives of the Forrester’s House. Gared, the squire to the former Lord of the Forrester House. Ethan, the second son of House Forrester and the new Lord, and Mira, the eldest daughter of the Forrester’s and the Handmaiden to Margaery Tyrell.

Each of these characters have their own reasons for protecting House Forrester. A squire that just wants to protect his lord, a son that wishes to live up to the legacy of his father, and a daughter trapped in a foreign place forced to trust a nest full of vipers. Much like Game of Thrones, you never know what to expect from new people you encounter. However, when you encounter characters you’ve read about or watched on a show… you’ll try to use your knowledge to sway their favor or stay their hand.

Without a doubt the adventure game genre is the best avenue for Game of Thrones. Drama and reaction is a mainstay of the books and the show. We all know that combat goes down in Game of Thrones, but the best kills are those that happen when least expected. Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series weighs heavy dialogue and characters making choices that may or may not lead to their death. Think of the tale of Robb Stark and you’ll understand what the game is accomplishing here.

Unlike games like The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us. We’re not exactly stuck with a character who can make bad choices and reach the end of the game unscathed. I never feared for Lee or Clementine losing their lives or precious body parts. That is not the case in Game of Thrones, you are faced with choices over a long period of time that could call a trickle-down effect. You may have saved one character with your actions, but the next character could suffer for that mistake. It’s the hard life you’d expect out of this series, and Telltale has done a great job at bringing us into that world.

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What we didn’t like


Art Problems – The interactive storytelling is always the best part of a Telltale game, the art on the other hand is hit or miss. The Wolf Among Us looked to be pushing a new art direction for the company. The characters in this title manage to provide of us with gratifying likenesses of Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Iwan Rheon and Natalie Dorner. It even creates some convincing new characters for us to lose. It’s the scenery that lacks polish and looks completely out of place with the world they are trying to convey.

The backdrops feature a weird blur during dialogue cutscenes, the blur can be spotted at the edge of the actors faces. It tries to hide the badly textured environments with an oil painting style that completely fails to do so.

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I don’t want to talk too much about this game, it doesn’t deserve to be spoiled in the least. A Telltale game has not impacted me this way since the first The Walking Dead. I’m a big fan of the books and the show, but I wasn’t particularly hyped about this game. Now I’m itching for the second episode, and will try to play the game multiple times for different endings. Even though the art style isn’t that great, this is a must for fans of the series.

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