Bullet Point – Destiny: The Dark Below Review


Oh hey Destiny it’s been a while since I p…holy crap what happened!? That was my exact thought as I jumped back into Destiny upon the release of its new expansion “The Dark Below”. It’s an unforgiving beast and if you didn’t level your character all the way to the cap, you are going to have as rough of a time getting through this as I did. Here’s my review of it…

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Things I Liked

  • A new story to keep the players playing the game instead of just grinding it out in the crucible or making other characters (if they haven’t done that yet).
  • The new ride I got after downloading this expansion was pretty neat as well as some of the new weapons that helped me out a lot.

 Expansion I_mission shot 1

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Love/Hate Relationship

  • Difficult as all hell. I don’t normally use that word in a review but I felt like it was necessary for this one. As much as I love a challenge but I felt a bit penalized at the same time being your first mission is a LEVEL 24 Mission and I feel short by 4 at first before equipping some items and going in just 2 under. However it’s the next mission after that made me hate this expansion and how hard it is, like I was being punished for not going the extra mile and leveling to 30.
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Things I Didn’t Like

  • The loot system to me hasn’t changed in the crucible, sure it’s more rewarding to play in the Iron Banner events but I still feel like every crucible match should be rewarding the GOOD players and not the ones who end up in last.

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Overall it’s a pretty decent expansion for those who have been waiting for another story to play after possibly being let down by the main one (if you felt that way). If you start low, you might feel as punished as I did so I suggest being between levels 25 and up before starting this expansion to have a decent chance of running through this with a little ease. If you invested in the pass already, I would suggest downloading this plus the level cap was raised by 1. 

A download code was provided by Activision for review purposes