Bullet Points – Blackguards 2 Review


From the time I have spent with Blackguards 2, I have realized that I used to enjoy playing these types of games as a young teen with a Gameboy. However it’s a PC I’m playing this on and it’s the same type of game as Final Fantasy Tactics, a turn-based strategy-RPG. Where your every move is important to the outcome of the battles you are in and rushing in isn’t an encouraged tactic…here are my thoughts on it.

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What We Liked

  • Visually, this game is pretty good. I like the art style as it reminds me a little of Diablo and World of Warcraft. The environments I felt were well rendered and player models stood up next to the quality of everything else.

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Love/Hate Relationship

  • The controls while simple, took a little time to get used to if you aren’t used to playing this type of game on PC like me. I enjoyed it though and it was easy to pick up BUT…there were some times I felt the controls weren’t responsive to a certain action I was trying to complete so I had to try it 2 or more times before it would do it.
  • The story is alright, looks much like a revenge story to gain power but at the same time it captured my attention for the time period of playing it. The only things I can say bad about it is the voice acting and possibly some of the writing for the characters.

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What We Didn’t Like

  • No Window Mode? That really sucked while playing this as I like to multitask on my machine. If I wanted to stream this and go to another window while playing to check chat I couldn’t do that or couldn’t respond.

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In the end some may regard Blackguards 2 as a good sequel to the first game but I’ll just say it’s an alright game that will consume some time. It has pretty good visuals but the story may be a hit and miss at times. You might not enjoy having this game full screened the whole time you play if you like streaming games on your PC. Even though this game goes for a good price of $35 I will have to recommend that you wait till it goes on sale for about $15 and under.

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