Skate 3 Review


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Skate 3 opens up with one of the strangest intros I’ve seen in a long time, which goes somewhere from shooting bigfoot, workshop, video advertisements, and eating glue. It’s typical of the Skate games to come up with some highly imaginative way of making a skateboard for your character to ride. The entire cast of skaters and actors during this open cinematic, sets the tone for your character to do some incredibly stupid stunt that could have killed him. Oddly enough you somehow survived all of this to wake up to your buddy’s epiphany that you two should start your own skateboard company .Yeah… I’m guessing we’re not going to be taking the story seriously for this one.

Once you actually get into the game, you start off by naming your team and choosing a logo that suits you. Then you get to customize a skater with only a few options for actually making your character look the way you wish. However on the upside when it comes to the clothing, there are tons of options to choose from here. So even if you can’t make your guy an exact replica, you can at least make him look like a skate god in time. Only problem I saw with the logo selector was the fact that if you choose a logo, there isn’t anything you can really do with it besides scale it or rotate it.

When you finally get into the game, you’re greeted by the eccentric “Coach Frank” played by Jason Lee of My Name is Earl fame. He pretty much opens you up to the world of Skate 3, with a quick tutorial course before you are set out into the city with your buddy, Reda. This is pretty much where the storyline begins in this game, it’s very clear that it doesn’t take itself seriously either. It’s a zany world and you get to skate in it, and that’s pretty much the gist of the story. You’re thrown into a free city to complete challenges to sell boards and recruit team members. These can be done either offline or online depending on how you wish to become involved in the game.

If you couldn’t already tell from the intro movie, this cut-scene will solidify the fact. (Watch video)
When it comes down to the actual game play, not many things have changed since the original skate. Though not much was actually broken with the formula either, you use the right analog stick to jump, grind, and perform tricks. The face buttons are used to accelerate, brake, and jump on and off the board at anytime. Basically nothing has really changed here if you’ve played the previous Skate games. It’s all up to your dexterous fingers to keep up with the skateboarder on the screen, like I said though if you’ve played Skate or Skate 2… you’ll pretty much be at home here. If you haven’t played any of the previous Skate games, you pretty much get all of them in Skate 3.

When it comes down to the graphics, not many things have changed from Skate 2 or even the original Skate. The areas are still vibrant and colorful with plenty going on in the background, with the only noticeable frame hitches occurring during customization. Yet the overall models of the skaters are done well, and most of the environments and animations are fluent and very believable. The models aren’t phenomenal by any means, and they haven’t changed much from Skate 2… but they still work well for a yearly update. That’s fine because most of the problems are just insignificant and don’t get in the way of game play, but if you’re expecting an overhaul on the third game… don’t get your hopes up.

There are tons of features to mess around with in this game, and most people will spend their time doing the challenges of their choice. Like my personal favorite is the hall of meat challenges, doing head plants into the ground just brings a tear of joy to my eye. While others will have much heartfelt time spent in the skate park editor, create a player editor, or just free-skating around to nail a great trick to upload using the replay editor. Others will go online with their friends and skate around the park, or just harass other players by knocking them off their skateboards. There is plenty to do here in Skate 3, this game can keep you occupied with almost anything.

All in all you’ve got plenty to choose from in this game, it’s not much of a variation from the last game with only a few small changes. Meaning that this year you get a more Madden style approach to the Skate series, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re into the games to begin with. It doesn’t add much but it does not deviate from the formula that has recently made it more interesting than the Tony Hawk games. There are plenty of tricks and bails here to keep you interested for months, and the addition of a new city with all kinds of areas to mark and nail tricks keeps things interesting. However if the next Skate doesn’t push the limits a bit more with additions and actual co-operative play, we may start to lose interest and stick to our previous year Skates.