I can’t believe we’re getting a brand spanking new River City Ransom after all these years. Now, I know there have been quite a few different games but most have been remakes of the previous game. This one is actually built from the ground up with awesome animations and unseen 16-bit goodness.

As we get closer to the games release we’re finally getting a look at the main characters. Bruno looks like every guy you’ve ever seen in a sports commercial. With what looks to be a fauxhawk across his dome and a sports jersey adorned on his torso. He could quite possibly be any guy you’ve ever seen at a sports bar.

That being said, Bruno obviously likes to watch a lot of wrestling events. He perfectly nails the Stone Cold Stunner and quite a few other moves such as the tried and true Swinging DDT. Oh, and if you look closely they either put an Easter Egg level in the trailer or you can clearly see the end credits. I do like the idea of beating the crap out of people while a wall of text scrolls by.

I’m absolutely loving the design and animations for this game so far. I can’t wait until I can get my hands on River City Ransom Underground.