Looks like Marvel’s Inhumans is a TV show after all




Wow! I didn’t actually expect them to switch this from a movie to a show. Now we’re going to get a look at pseudo mutants running around as a Television show. I personally think it makes a ton of sense since no one knows who the hell the Inhumans are apart from whatever Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is doing with them.

The Inhumans show will first appear in two episodes in IMAX Theaters for two weeks before making a transition to ABC to continue as an ongoing series. This would probably be the first time that a TV show has ever been in a theater before it appears in traditional format on Television.

I’m a bit excited to see how they’ll pull it off, but a bit worrisome since it’ll be on ABC. We all know they aren’t too keen on giving shows the kind of budgets they need to be a draw. It took them way too long to even give S.H.I.E.L.D. a budget where the actors could actually bask in some sunlight.

The details are scarce but I’m hopeful that we’ll actually get to see Black Bolt and Medusa on some level in the show. For more info, click on the source for CBR below.


Marvel’s Inhumans Coming to IMAX, ABC in Fall 2017