A couple of players of Watch Dogs 2 found some realistic genitalia in the game and decided to make a couple posts and videos about it. One of these posts got twitter user Swizzasaur banned for a month due to posting nudity (From the game) on Sony’s sharing system on Playstation 4. Luckily, he was able to convince them to lift the ban and all is back to normal on his side things.


His exploits have lead to a series of other posts showing a video of a random citizen walking around with his dick out. Just these simple acts of nudity caused Sony to lose their minds and Ubisoft to modify the nudity in the patch. Not all of the nudity, just the one character model that shows a somewhat realistic looking vagina.

I think this is rather stupid personally. We’re playing all of these games with ridiculous violent themes where you throw people off buildings and blow off heads. Suddenly, we see a little bit of nudity and we’ve gone too far. I get that it’s a game and all that but why’s the violence fair game in a “Mature” rated game, but not one small character with the vagina showing?

Especially since the problem is the vagina and not the dude with his dong swinging against his thighs. So why is one form of nudity safe and not the other? I’m just going to say that this makes absolutely no sense to me and leave it at that.