This is conflicting news for me as I’m one of the people that want Persona 5 as soon as I can get it, but I also want the game to include Japanese audio for the first time ever. Luckily, this delay is for more than simply adding in Japanese audio for the English version of the game.

A few reports have gone out saying that the game will include extra voiceover for conversations that were previous dialogue free. That means a bit more time in the pipe just so we don’t have to do so much reading. I appreciate the need to add extra conversation V/O as most RPG’s are filled with bibles of text that can make the brain woozy.

I’m a little saddened as this game was supposed to come out around my birthday, but now I have some Japanese voices for my second playthrough. As another little tease they released a live stream of some of the English translation.  There is also a free P5 theme on the PSN store right now! Oh, and the game will be playable for those lucky people that head to The Playstation Experience!

Here are a couple of videos to keep you excited until release!
Watch live video from on