The Joker bares his teeth in Batman: The Telltale Series


This Batman: The Telltale Series trailer shows us a brief glimpse of what seems to be an early version of the Joker. It’s clear that Bruce Wayne has absolutely no idea who this guy is. This could be the very first meeting of Batman’s greatest villain. Now, it’s unsure what sort of role the Joker plays into the entirety of the story.

From this two-minute clip, it seems like the Joker plays a brief cameo in this game and may be more of a problem if they make a second season. The big reveal here is that Harvey Dent has finally reached the full burn ward version of Two-Face, and is raining hell down on crime in Gotham.

Meanwhile, the Wayne name has completely gone to shit after Bruce went full nutso in Episode 3. I’ve enjoyed most of the episodes that I’ve played of Batman: The Telltale Series and Guardian of Gotham looks like it could be another new twist on the mythos of Batman. Take a look at the video yourself if you’ve played the previous episodes.