I’m playing so much Watch Dogs 2 that I think my eyes are going to start bleeding. I’ve been streaming most of this week between this and Dishonored 2 and it takes a lot to get used to. That being said, I’m enjoying my time with Watch Dogs 2 just a little bit more than I am with Dishonored 2.

Something about the control scheme and the unforgiving A.I. in Dishonored 2 makes my blood boil a bit. I’m enjoying the variety and ambiance in Watch Dogs 2 more than I’d hope. I’m not completely on board with the story yet, because it feels like it’s having fun for all the wrong reasons.

I get that the hacking life is supposed to be a blast but I feel like it doesn’t balance serious and hilarious too well. It’s on levels of Saints Row 4 insane but sometimes wants to bring by that seriousness of the original Watch Dogs and it doesn’t mesh well at all times. That and I’m not completely sold on just being a wacky dude who’s making people’s lives terrible.

I mean generally, all they seem to do in the game at the moment is the same thing they’re fighting against. Which is spying on people and robbing them of their privacy and literally their safety. It’s a strange place to be but it’s a fun game despite some odd design choices.

Maybe I could root for them if they actually came out and said that the Deadsec faction is in every way the Anti-Hero. Right now, the game paints them as Robin Hood but they don’t really give back to the poor as much as they take from it. I’m not terribly far in the game and hoping they’ll learn some lessons on the way of how to properly use their power.

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