I’m not particularly excited for Final Fantasy XV. That doesn’t mean I won’t give it a good 5 hours of my time before hopefully continuing or returning it to the trash can. This trailer shows me a very inviting world so far, and I hope that this game delivers on the action-packed combat that we’ve seen so far.

When I played the demo it seemed that Square wanted to go down the path of Dark Souls/Monster Hunter. There was a lot of running around and dodging creatures attacks while trying to sneak an attack into the mix. My problem with this kind of gameplay is the idea of how much it alienates the core fans of the series.

I’m just hoping that the gameplay doesn’t focus on being too Hardcore or there will a pretty upset fanbase. That being said, this game looks like it has tons of side-quests and activities that come into play. We apparently get to play a pinball game, go fishing, ride some Chocobo’s, and search in the nooks and crannies for treasure.

I have a small gripe with the visual aspect of the Ascension system. They really need to stop making these ugly talent designs for the Final Fantasy games. It just looks like a mess of symbols randomly thrown together to look cool. Can we just bring back text and stats, please?

I don’t know who Final Fantasy XV appeals to, but only time will tell if it’s worth the wait.