In The Last of Us 2, Ellie, has finally become a hard ass just¬†like¬†Joel. At least she grew into her voice and can play a mean guitar. The major change I’ve noticed in The Last of Us 2 has to be the lack of focus on all the plant zombies from the first game. Either they aren’t as widespread as they used to be, or it’s more of a The Walking Dead type of situation.

You know, where all the Zombies are now kind of cannon fodder and the real enemies are humans. It looks like the people who were hunting Ellie in the last game haven’t stopped searching for her. Only now, it looks like they’ve pushed Ellie to her breaking point and as someone from the 90’s would say, “It’s onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn now!”

Checking out the full trailer of The Last of Us 2 at the bottom.