Persona 5 shows off the Hacker Futaba Sakura and the Three Confidants


Persona 5 has been churning out information lately. Which is a big tease since the game doesn’t come out until friggin’ April 2017! There has always been a sort of guide in every Persona game after 2. Looks like Futaba is going to lead the team through all sorts of dungeons in Persona 5.

That also means she won’t be a playable character in dungeons but that just comes with the territory. It’s yet unknown if she’ll have an expanded role compared to previous navigators in the series. It looks like she will be all about buffs and support but we’ll see if that changes as the game progresses.

Atlus also provided us with a list of confidants/shopkeepers to interact within the game. One that looks like the typical weapons dealer, a Doctor that keeps the team alive, and a coffee shop owner that has a weird connection with the Protagonist. I’m looking forward to seeing everything this game has to offer in the coming months.