Jimmy Fallon does his best Jimmy Fallon impression after seeing the Nintendo Switch


We get to finally see the Nintendo Switch for the first time ever. It’s also coupled with an extreme┬áversion of Jimmy Fallon reacting insanely to seeing a video game for the first time.

Nintendo tried to trick us all by coming out showing off the mobile game SuperMario Run. I don’t care how much you like Mario, a mobile game is always a mobile game. At least they made a big spectacle out of it and it actually had some nice graphics. I just wish Mobile games would be less reliant on pay-to-play practices.

After that, we were introduced to the beauty of the Nintendo Switch and shown a version of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that didn’t look like it was a slideshow. They showed off the key features of the switch like it’s ability to be a kickstand and it’s smooth transition from console to handheld play.

Check out the footage for yourself for 9 minutes of crazy man Fallon and also some nice footage of the Nintendo Switch in action.