The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like the game I’d buy a Nintendo Switch for on release day. I’m not saying I will buy it on release day, but it’s the only game that I’d own when the Switch releases.

Nintendo has taken some big steps at creating a vibrant open-world full of possibilities to explore. I also couldn’t believe that I actually heard real voice-acting from a character in the series.

I’m still worried that the game has framerate drops on its newest system and it comes out in two months. Watching a few videos already has me worried for the longevity of games of this style on an otherwise innovative system.

That being said, this game looks like one of those titles you’ll see take many a GOTY trophy home. I’m just hoping that the game has a deep side-quest system that’s as intriguing as the main story itself.

Check out this wide variety of videos on display below: