Welcome to “Comic Chick Reviews,” your weekly comic book review source!  Geeks of Gaming wishes to share these reviews with you for your comic lovin’ pleasure.  This week Image and Dark Horse throw out some awesome stories, while Marvel does their own thing in the only awesome way they know how and DC leaves precious few comics worth reading this week.  Also keep your eyes open for the “pick o’ the week!” title that has so ingeniously won my love.  So sit back and relax while I tell you what comics are worth your money this week and which ones you can pass on!

Avengers Academy #12: Remember how last month the Avengers took on a re-animated Korvac and got their asses handed to them?  Well now it’s the trainee’s turn to take him on with a little help from Korvac’s ex Carina.  By turning them into future versions of themselves Carina has given them both more control over their powers and more experience, but if the Avengers failed will the kids really be able to do any damage?  Only one way to find out!  There’s a very sweet moment at the end of this issue between Mettle and Hazmat that tends to be rare in hero comics these days but is always worth reading.  This is yet another one of Marvel’s most underrated comics that doesn’t get all the credit it deserves, so hop on board now while the numbers are still low and I can guarantee you won’t regret it.  $2.99.

Iron Man 2.0 #4: Wait, wasn’t there an issue of this last week?  Why yes, dear reader, there was.  Marvel seems to be catching up on some of it’s titles and as a result is releasing issues a little more quickly for some of them, Iron Man 2.0 included.  Now, it seems that everyone believed that Palmer Addley was dead, but as it turns out that’s not really the case.  He’s a sneaky little S.O.B. who was smarter than anyone ever imagined, so much so that he was able to transfer his own consciousness into someone else’s body without the government really realizing it.  With everyone assuming that he’s dead Mr. Addley has been able to get away with quite a lot of shenanigans as a result.  This issue has no Iron Man in it, it has no Rhodes, but it does explain Addley’s past and now that those working for the government know, it’s time to work out a game plan.  Honestly, this is probably my favorite Nick Spencer title on the market right now and he’s got quite a few good ones.  $2.99.

Sigil #2: Picking up where our heroine Sam was dropped in last issue, magically transported to a crazy pirate ship, this issue is just as good as the first and Marvel is doing a bang-up job with this relaunch title.  Poor Sam doesn’t know how to use her powers yet, she really doesn’t even know that she has them, but it’s in this issue that she gets a taste of what it is she can to and it’s certainly something sweet.  This is definitely one you should be reading if you have any taste in comics at all.  $2.99.

Silver Surfer #3 of 5: Norrin Radd is powerless since the High Evolutionary stole his Power Cosmic, but he’s starting to get the hang of this mortal thing.  Unfortunately the High Evolutionary has other plans for both him and his new friend Suzi.  As Marvel cosmic stories go this one doesn’t really fall into the category even though it stars the Silver Surfer, but it really is a great story about Norrin Radd, the man beneath the silver exterior of Galactus’ herald, and Greg Pak is doing an amazing job.  I’m not a huge fan of the art since in places Norrin looks like the bald chick from the first Star Trek movie, but the story more than makes up for that and if you have any love for the Silver Surfer you should definitely be reading this.  $2.99.

Spectacular Spider-man #1000: Yeah, it’s not really a #1000 issue, but Marvel likes to renumber things willy-nilly so there you go.  This issue has absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on in Spidey’s world at the moment, but it’s a decent Spidey/Punisher team-up issue by one of my favorite writers, John Ostrander.  The story is really more about a teenage boy and how his life has been effected by Spider-man rather than an actual hero story, but it’s very well done so I can’t complain.  There is also an old school 70’s Gerry Conway Spidey/Punisher story at the end of the 33 page Ostrander story, which are always fun to read.  Not a bad deal for $4.99.

Thunderbolts #156: The team is looking for some new recruits and there are plenty to chose from within the walls of The Raft.  Unfortunately Luke didn’t really know about the new recruitment process and he’s just a little peeved.  To blow off some steam the team goes off to a Nazi castle that magically appeared out of no where after disappearing from the face of the planet 90 years ago.  Most of this issue focuses on the new recruits though, and it’s kind of fun to see villains that have been out of the loop for some time get their chance back in the spotlight.  $2.99.

Uncanny X-Force #8: This is basically Rick Remender’s set up issue for Angel losing his mind to Archangel.  The team goes to take out the Shadow King, but being as powerful as the guy is it takes all of Betsy’s power to keep him tied up.  So how successful can she really be against him all by herself?  Only way to find out is by reading!  MWA HAHA!!  $3.99.

Wolverine & Jubilee #4 of 4: What everyone assumed would be a steaming pile of poop has turned out to be a pretty good little mini-series by Kathryn Immomen and Phil Noto.  It’s very difficult to make a good story about Jubilee, especially now that she’s no longer a mutant but a vampire instead, but these guys have actually pulled it off.  Amidst all her teenage angst and vampire confusion, Jubilee has finally figured out where she belongs in the world and hopefully she can finally move on with her life.  As far as Jubilee stories go, this is probably the best one ever, which isn’t really saying a lot, but credit where credit is due.  Thank you Kathryn and Phil for making a Jubilee story that was both entertaining and actually worth reading.  $2.99.

X-Factor #218: Guido has been shot, and not just a little.  Like, blood everywhere and heart about to give out shot.  BIG MAN DOWN!  This issue is basically about getting him to a hospital and hoping that he lives, but also a slight bit about J. Jonah Jameson and his dickishness.  Only a little though.  Black Cat fans should get their hands on this issue too, since Felicia plays a pretty decent role in helping X-Factor take out the baddies.  $2.99.

’68 #1 of 4: What’s that?  You’re tired of zombie apocalypse comics and are looking for a Vietnam War zombie comic?  Well look no further, friend!  Mark Kidwell, Nat Jones, and Tim Vigil have done an amazingly awesome job on this book and have thrown an original story into what is a very over-saturated zombie market.  ’68 is just what the doctor ordered and I’m loving every minute!  If you love zombies or not this is a perfect mini-series to start reading and mix up the regular super-hero stuff.  $3.99.

Dark Horse Presents #1: Alright, if we’re being technical here this is not actually the first issue of Dark Horse Presents, but actually print issue #158 as Mike Richardson explains on the inside cover.  After it’s initial humble beginnings 25 years ago this title is back and more beautiful than ever with it’s myriad of stories and a whopping 80 pages of content without ads.  There are 12 shorts in this issue, including a preview of Frank Miller’s upcoming Xerxes series and an interview with Frank himself.  The shorts take on classic Dark Horse characters from Concrete to Neal Adams’ Blood and even a Star Wars story with tons of writers and artists to show off their talents.  Dark Horse is bringing back the idea of giving “you work from the best comic creators in the world” and they do so here in a grand fashion.  Though the price is a whopping $7.99 for this single issue, when you consider how much you get in the 80 spectacular pages you’ll likely find that Dark Horse is giving you one hell of a value.

Hack/Slash #3: I’m just going to say this about Hack/Slash #3: it’s good and you should go buy it.  The whole series has been great so far since its relaunch 3 months ago and it’s 100% worth checking out whether you were a fan of the series previously or a newcomer to the freaky weird style of Tim Seeley.  So yeah, pick it up.  $3.50.

Power Girl #23: P.G. has teamed up with cousin Superman to take down some magical dinosaurs that have made their way into the city, but there’s a problem: a) they’re magical which screws around with the Kryptionan’s powers and b) they’re magical.  Technically only one problem, but it adds up to causing all sorts of trouble, so there.  As it turns out the one behind all this is not someone evil, but someone they both know very well and that someone  just a little pissed about being manipulated.  As I’ve said before, Power Girl is one of the few DC titles worth reading every single month so if you haven’t started reading yet then you really need to get with the program.  $2.99.

Super Dinosaur #1: Derek Dynamo and his BFF Super Dinosaur are on a mission to kick butt and take names.  Robert Kirkman’s latest title launches this week with a story that any comic lover at any age can enjoy.  Apparently the Earth is hallow and beneath our feet is a land known as Dynore where all sorts of dinos still live as they did millions of years ago.  An evil scientist named Max Maximus, who used to work with Derek’s father Doctor Dynamo, is harnessing these dinos to make evil minions to do his bidding and it’s up to Derek and Super Dinosaur to fend them off.  Kirkman has written this through the eyes of Derek Dynamo so it’s a young teenager’s view of being a superhero with a dinosaur best friend (which, let’s be honest, would be pretty awesome).  It’s a perfect title if you’re looking for something to get a younger fan, but it’s still fun enough for all ages to enjoy.  $2.99.

Twilight Guardian #4 of 4: Pilot Season’s winner finally wraps with this issue and the Twilight Guardian gets to be the hero she’s longed to be.  She finds her father, meets her arch foe, and saves some lives.  All in a day’s work for the Twilight Guardian.  This really has been a worthy Pilot Season winner with its making fun of hardcore comic fans, but still taking some serious issues to heart.  Troy Hickman and Sid Kotian deserve a round of applause for this 4 issue mini-series.  $3.99.

Zatanna #12: Surprise, surprise, Paul Dini isn’t writing this anymore.  As he so often does it seems that Paul has gotten tired of Zee’s shenanigans and passed the torch to someone else, in this case Matthew Sturges who has done a  surprisingly good job thus far.  I was going to swear off this title with issue #11, but something drew me back and though it’s not anything epic it is actually worth the low $2.99 price tag.  This is a stand-alone issue, so if you’ve been looking for excuse to read Zatanna then this is your chance.  Basically Zee finds some dead mer-people in the Sutro Baths and goes off to find their killer.  Magical shenanigans ensue.  Like I said before, it’s not epic by any means, but it is an entertaining stand-alone issue that, for the price, you could do much worse.  $2.99.

Zombies vs. Robots: Undercity #1: It’s a classic tale: the world is overrun by zombies and robots are sent out by the remaining humans to kill them all.  Any zombie and/or robot-apocalypse fan should read this because it’s just so damned good.  The idea here is that the “infestation” has taken over America and the President has a grand plan to take 100 select people, basically the best America has to offer from scientists to sports and movie stars, and take them to Undercity, a city underground built to basically lock in its inhabitants and prevent them from being harmed by the threat above.  Imagine the biggest and most advanced nuclear bomb shelter ever.  There was a slight hitch to the original 100, though, in that one or two of them have gone a little cuckoo.  As a result they get left behind, but fear not because they have their own robots to fight the zombie hoards.  It’s really something awesomely old school and retro style the reminds me of the way people viewed the future in the 50’s in so many ways and it is glorious!  Certainly one you’ll want to get your hands on and worthy of the title “pick o’ the week!” $3.99.