So far we haven’t seen a lot of gameplay for The Sinking City. Frogwares finally released a big snippet of gameplay showing off dialogue, and detective work with a little focus on the combat mechanics.

We get to see Charles Reed take on a case for a man with a gorilla face. It looks like The Sinking City will set the player free in an open-world without constant hand-holding. We’ll have to pay attention to the items given to us and locate destinations via the map.

The same goes for the legwork involved in discovering evidence. We’re briefly shown a Charles wandering around a building looking for clues without the usual “Detective mode” appearing to reveal the items.

However, it looks like Charles has some supernatural ability to piece together evidence in an otherworldly manner. Using his perceptive powers does impact his sanity… but it’s not quite clear what that means for the character in the long run.

As it stands, The Sinking City looks like a great detective game with a hint of madness thrown in for good measure. For more information, do yourself a favor and check out the trailer above.