There is a rumor swirling around the internet that seems to suggest a new Justice League International book will be launching in the wake of Justice League: Generation Lost‘s finally.  Could it possibly be true?  With the success of Judd Winick’s Generation Lost and Power Girl it would not be surprising at all if it were, and seems to have some information that the rest of the world doesn’t. also got their hands on a variant cover of Justice League: Generation Lost #24 (the final issue) and it looks sneekingly like a new team is being built up to include Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Power Girl, Batman (likely to be Bruce Wayne), Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Fire, and Ice.  So basically everyone who is in Generation Lost plus a couple.  Again, it is only a rumor at this point, but the odds of it being true seem to be pretty good considering both the popularity and big names on deck.  I’d sure as hell read it!

Bleeding Cool claims the book has already been scheduled, but gives no release date.  And it would seem there is no official writer on this title yet, but the logical choice would be Judd Winick.  This is definitely a piece of information we’ll be keeping a look out for any more details.