Sony will be releasing two fresh tablets, each will be able to play first-generation playstation titles. Now, you might be hit with a halt as you read “first-generation”. Does that mean that they will feature Playstation 1 games, or does that mean there will be new exclusive titles for the tablet? The answer is that the Tablets will have access to whichever games are created for the Xperia Play.

So that means there will be tablet and phone specific games for release. The tablets follow the codenames S1 and S2, with the S1 being your more basic flat style tablet housing a 9.4 inch screen. While the S2 has a shell shape to it, with two 5.5 inch screens each with a 1024×480. It’s very similar to the way that the 3DS and DS are setup in comparison.

Both tablets have been shown running Crash Bandicoot, with the S2 running the game only on its lower screen. 3G, 4G, Wifi, and Android 3.0 have been confirmed as well. No further details have been announced, pricing will be released at a later date. You can see the full unveiling video and concept shots after the break!

Source: VG247

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