So it looks like they changed the gameplay mechanics for the better in Mass Effect Andromeda. This looks fly as hell with new powers like a Power Shield, a Flamethrower shooting out of palms, and powers where you fly all over the place committing acts of aerial assault.

I caught a couple of glimpses of the levelling system in action, and what looks like investigative deduction. I’m glad that they brought back exploring planets with vehicles. I’m sad that we won’t actually be able to use weapons on vehicles but with the wide berth of combat¬†options, it looks like we won’t need it.

I’m confused about the dialogue options or at least the small bit we saw of it. It looks a bit scaled back compared to what we’re used to, at least with the flimsy conversation bits we were shown. I’ll hold out on all negative judgement for now on Mass Effect Andromeda. I’m impressed by what I see here and I hope I lose hundreds of hours in this game.